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WWE: Batista Staying On Raw Roster, Puder, More

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posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 03:01 PM
Thanks to Pwtorch Newsletter for the following:

-Many WWE workers are upset at the disrespect that the writers have shown towards their "craft". They are upset that after only a few weeks, WWE writers tossed Daniel Puder out there in front a live audience with Bob Holly and Puder looked terrible.

-At all WWE live events, there is a person in charge of gathering memrobilla from the event, such as broken tables or chairs and then later the things are put up on WWE's website for auction.

-WWE fans got a kick out of the Japanese fans this week when they mocked the US fans chant of "asshole".

-Batista is being advertised for the April tour of Australia, which could be interpreted as evidence that Batista isn't going to jump to Smackdown. Just because he is advertised for this tour, however, doesn't mean that they may move him to Smackdown and just change the lineup, but it is a pretty safe bet at this time that he will remain on Raw's roster.

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