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WWE: Hogan/Austin Teaming Up At WrestleMania, Triple H/Goldberg

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posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 02:58 PM
Thanks to Pwtorch Newsletter for the following:

-Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg are not represented by super agent Barry Bloom any longer, but Bloom still represents Triple H. Bloom at one time was the agent of many wrestlers, especially when he could act as a liaison between the wrestlers with WCW, ECW, & WWE.

-It is not really known at this moment in time if Hulk Hogan will appear at WrestleMania 21, but the sides are said to be talking to each other. One plan might be to have Hogan and Austin team up against the team of Daivari and Hassan in a gimmick type match.

-There will be more "WrestleMania goes to Hollywood" video spoofs released in the near future with Braveheart and Pulp Fiction. The first one, already released, features Eugene and William Regal in a spoof of Forest Gump.

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