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WWE: Lesnar/WWE Update, More Divas In Playboy, Christy, More

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posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 02:56 PM

The Brock Lesnar-WWE lawsuit story hit the Minnesota press today. The Star Tribune noted that WWE has until March 1st to response to Lesnar's suit and that when they called WWE for a statement, WWE did not respond. Lesnar's lawyers were quoted as saying, "Basically, Brock needs to go back to work." The article also said that Lesnar still has interest in a NFL career, "no teams were interested enough to allocate Lesnar to NFL Europe, the league's spring developmental league." The full article is online at

Thanks to Cory Kingston for the following:

Here's some typical WWE logic for you. On The Score in Canada they aired a commercial for with Christy Hemme, about choosing not to smoke, then when they went back to SD they had the Stacy//Basic Instinct commercial where Stacy smoked and made a deal out of it. On top of all that did you notice it was all Raw wrestlers in a commercial on SD?

Thanks to ES for the following:

When I bought the issue of Playboy last year with Torrie and Sable, there was an address for the Playboy Cyber Club website if you wanted to see exclusive pictures of the two that weren't published in the magazine. Almost a year later, I'm still a member of the site. Anyway, after reading your post yesterday on Candice, I checked the site for most of the Raw diva contestants. I remembered Carmella saying on RAW during that ridiculous "diss the diva" segment that one of the girls tried to get into Playboy magazine and didn't make it. Many girls who don't make the magazine or are currently trying to are on the site before their pictures actually get published. After around 10 minutes of searching, I was able to come across pictures of Amy Weber and Candice Michelle that seem to be from 2002.

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