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WWE: Scott Hall Taken to Hospital For Drinking plus other news...

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posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 03:14 PM
Scott Hall got so drunk on a flight back from Korea that he had to be rushed into the intensive care unit when he got back to Orlando. No word on how TNA will react to this. Considering their reaction to Hector Garza's possession of steroids, don't expect them to drop Scott Hall too soon. It is well known that his wife has threatened to leave him again if he ever picked up another drink.

Jake Roberts told some friends at the Wrestle Reunion convention that he is engaged to be married soon. That's good news for Jake considering he's been in a lot of legal trouble as of late, including drug possession charges and animal cruelty charges stemming from the death of Damien.

The 2/11 show in Mexico that features the DX reunion with X-Pac, BG James, and Billy Gunn will also feature Johnny Stamboli. Stamboli recently worked in Japan as a masked wrestler.

In more Billy Gunn news, he signed with TNA a while back and is just waiting for his no-compete clause to expire. It is not known at this time why he is able to compete at the 2/11 show under his no-compete clause how ever. Also, look out for a name change when he finally does make it into TNA, as WWE owns the rights to the name Billy Gunn.

Former ROH and HWA wrestler Matt Stryker is living in Japan and training at Pro Wrestling Noah’s dojo. He recently jobbed to Kurt Angle on Smackdown as the "hometown hero".

Following his deportation from the U.S., Hector Garza has returned to wrestling in Mexico. It is being reported in Mexico that Garza won’t be allowed back into the United States for ten years.

The 1/25 and 1/26 episodes of Howard Stern's television show on E! featuring Joanie Laurer scored the two highest ratings for the series.

Speaking of Chyna, after the Stern shows were taped, Stern offered to get Laurer the help she needs. Mindless Entertainment, the company behind VH-1 the "Surreal Life," helped to pay for Laurer's rehab and ex-boyfriend Sean Waltman got her in there. Waltman once claimed that the people behind "Surreal Life" obviously tried to make a quick buck off of Laurer, knowing full well that she would act the way she did and bring in ratings. He also wasn't happy that Howard Stern let her appear on his show in her current state, as Waltman had cancelled her appearance 2 or 3 times in the passed due to her condition.

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