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WWE: Trish/Cena Injured, Cade Update, New Writer

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posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 03:13 PM
Garrison Cade is back to doing workouts in OVW after being medically cleared from his injury. Last we saw him he was acting as The Coach's muscle pretty much. He's back to wrestling as Lance Cade. No word on whether he'll keep the name in WWE since Lance Storm has since retired as an active wrestler.

Trish nearly ripped off her lip in a house show math with Victoria in Honolulu recently. She received several stitches but it is believed that no permanent damage was done to her face.

There have been early talks in WWE about bringing in Kevin Sullivan as a road agent for the company. Now the talks have progressed to him possibly taking a seat on one of the writing teams.

John Cena sprained his ankle in Anchorage but it seems that he will be able to work through it. His place in the Wrestlemania main event still looks to be in tact.

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