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WWE: Sean Waltman's Return; Relationship With 'Chyna'

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posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 02:08 PM
From Sean Waltman's official website,

As much as I have cared for and loved Joanie Laurer, the fact is that I am moving forward with my life. Our relationship was as unhealthy and dysfunctional as they come. I wish her the best, however I have a hard time putting her behind me when every time I turn around I am reminded of her. This message board has more posts on it about her than about myself. I care about what happens to her, however I can no longer spend every day worrying about her. I have to worry about myself. I established my own identity long before anyone had heard of a Chyna or Joanie Laurer. Being in a relationship with her did a good job of stripping me of my own identity.

I have my own things going on now. Starting on February 11th in Tijuana I will be reuniting with Road Dogg & Billy Gunn against Konnan, Nicho(Psychosis) & Rey Mysterio Sr. TNA will be next and I am looking forward to Sean Waltman's Redemption Tour 2005. No more looking backwards. I'm going forward and I'm not looking back.

I think it's time for the connection between Joanie & I to end completely. One day she may realize what she had, maybe not. I wish her all the best no matter what.

Thank You.

Sean Waltman

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