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WWE: Major John Cena Update: Backstage Attitude, Massive Push; More

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posted on Feb, 7 2005 @ 02:05 PM
John Cena will be receiving a massive push going in to WrestleMania 21. John's overall reputation is very good; he comes across as a nice guy that gets along with everyone, and doesn't cause any problems. However, his shortcoming remains his in-ring work, which hasn't progressed at the pace many had hoped.

Cena was always open about his need to improve his in-ring skills, however lately he hasn't been taking part in in-ring workouts before shows very often. "He doesn't train hard enough to get better," says one WWE source. "He's been told to step it up."

In-ring workouts are common among rookies in the business and veterans tutoring them, Undertaker, Kurt Angle are usually involved in helping the less experienced wrestlers. Ricky Steamboat also has been helping lately.

Cena did take part in an in-ring workout before last week's Smackdown taping in Little Rock, but wrestlers noted how he hadn't been doing that often enough. "Once you get to this level," says one wrestler, "the scrutiny goes up ten-fold. He wants to improve, but he should go in there and ask for suggestions and tips. He has to be doubling his efforts to improve at this point in order to avoid criticism from others."

However, to Cena's credit, he does have a good reputation for studying tapes of his matches when he gets home.

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