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WWE: Latest On SmackDown!

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posted on Jan, 27 2005 @ 04:41 PM
Susan Young, the author of the article that ran in the Oakland Tribute stating that UPN would cancel Smackdown next year, says that she was incorrect and that she should have said Smackdown may be canceled next year. She added that the quotes in the article were 100% accurate. She also added that the tone of Viacom's Leslie Moonves regarding whether Smackdown would be brought back made it seem as if the should would not be renewed.

Those who know Moonves state that he is a very calculated business man and does not say things unless there is a reason to. Many now feel that Moonves used the article to send a message to WWE as WWE negotiates for a new TV deal. WWE has talked with other networks such as USA about moving their programming next year.

The news reached WWE staff last week and they are said to be taking it seriously. This will be a story in the works.

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