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WWE: Billy Gunn's TNA Debut, more TNA news

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posted on Jan, 24 2005 @ 04:30 PM
- As we made note of before following his release from WWE, expect Billy Gunn to debut with TNA once his no-compete contract expires with WWE - which looks to be in the next month or so. Many expect Gunn to either team or feud with BG James (aka Road Dogg, his former partner in the famous New Age Outlaws tag team in the WWF/WWE). A name change will obviously be taking place as well.

- Shane Douglas is expected to be put in charge of local promotion for TNA's first monthly PPV outside of Orlando in the Pittsburgh area. Douglas is familiar with the Pittsburgh market and helped promote various ECW house show events in the area as well.

- Bill Banks has added a new "Bank Shot" column over at He talks about some of the injuries that took place at Final Resolution that we made note on here on the site this past week, the upcoming Against All Odds PPV in February and more.

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