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WWE: TNA News 15/01/05

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posted on Jan, 15 2005 @ 08:47 AM
Pat Kenney (Simon Diamond) will be working for ZERO-ONE this month as a part of their AWA World championship tournament. This means he wont be working TNA on a regular basis which is nothing new as of late. It appears creative simply has lost any idea's they may have had for him due to Rhodes taking over.

Sonjay Dutt will also be headed to ZERO-ONE. His contract with TNA has expired. He is scheduled to face Primetime at Final Resolution this Sunday on PPV.

The Amazing Red will not likely be in TNA for the time being as his contract expired. It appears Red was lost in the mix-up of booking changes and isn't one of Dusty Rhodses' main guys for the X division.

The Maximos (Amazing Red's cousins), have told several that they intend to move to Louisville, Kentucky to try and earn OVW developmental deals for themselves.

NWA Florida's Ron Niemi plead not guilty to charges of battery stemming from the incident with Fairplay last year. He is scheduled to return to court on 2/11.

Rumors internally within TNA about Rob Feinstein possibly helping TNA promote shows in the Northeast is said to be total BS.

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