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WWE: Sting to Return along side Scott Hall, Billy Gunn

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posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 05:17 PM
Former WCW champion Sting will be making his in-ring return as part of the NWA Mid-Atlantic tour of South Korea set for Jan. 21-23 in Seol. The tour is being organized by Howard Brody, Rikki Nelson, and Slim Baucom. This will be Sting's first in-ring appearance since filming his "Sting: Moment of Truth" DVD.

Also scheduled to appear on the tour at this point is current NWA World champion Jeff Jarrett, along with such stars as Scott Hall, Billy Gunn, Dusty Rhodes, A.J. Styles, Gail Kim, Buff Bagwell, Raven, Terry Taylor, and more.

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