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WWE: Rob Van Dam getting heat!

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posted on Dec, 21 2004 @ 06:00 PM
We're being told that there is a lot of heat backstage on Rob Vam Dam after he refused to go on the "voluntary" middle east SmackDown! tour. The guys were all told backstage at a meeting last week that the trip was 100% voluntary and it was to be left entirely up to them.

Luther Reigns approached management last week and told them he didn't want to go. WWE talent VP John Laurinaitis then told him that if he didn't go, it would have been a huge mistake because although the tour was optional, Vince McMahon expected everyone to attend. He was basically told in more ways than one that if he didn't go, there would be heat on him After being given a long lecture, Reigns reconsidered and went.

Rob Van Dam on the other hand was a different story. He had absolutely no desire to attend the tour and he didn't. Rob told Laurinaitis last week that he wasn't going and was told to go meet with Vince McMahon. Many WWE employees would have likely reconsidered the idea of not going due to having to meet with the boss. Rob Van Dam went to Vince McMahon though and told him he wasn't going. WWE tried one last time to get him to go and he stood by his ground and never went. WWE management is less than happy with his decision.

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