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WWE: Five New Superstars Debut

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posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 05:00 PM
Former WWE Diva Search Contestant Maria debuted on Raw early in the show as she was shown backstage interviewing Tajiri. Vince McMahon mentioned in a media interview a few weeks back that some of the diva search contestants would be brought back and apparently he was telling the truth. Maria will be "The New Terri" if you will and she'll be sharing her backstage announcer duties on Raw with Todd Grisham.

After countless weeks of vignettes, Simon Dean finally made his grand debut. He promoted his weight-loss materials and insulted a few rotund people in the audience. He invited a "fan" into the ring, who was more than likely a local indy worker and insulted his physical appearance. When the "fan" shoved him, Simon retaliated with a submission move.

The monsterous Viscera re-emerged on Raw as Christian's "one night only problem solver" to replace an absent Tyson Tomko. Viscera attacked Shelton Benjamin soon after and the two had a match later in the show with Shelton winning. No word yet if Viscera will be a permanent fixture in WWE this time around or if this was a short-term appearance like his time on Smackdown in September. Although, after Viscera lost to Christian, the impression was given as if Viscera was Christian's new henchman/bodyguard. We shall see next week if Viscera is here to stay or not.

And finally, Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari debuted as well in a pre-taped video segment, two individuals who are well-known in the indy circuit. They'll be portraying Arab-Americans who have asked fans to not generalize them and confuse them as terrorists. Khosrow Daivari then translated what Hassan said to his "Arab brothers." There is no doubt that this will evoke quite a bit of controversy within the next weeks.

These debuts come on the heels of three long-time WWE employees getting released earlier today, that being Billy Gunn, A-Train and Test. November 1, 2004 will go down as one of the biggest roster re-shuffles in company history.

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