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WWE: Andy Rooney of CBS 60 Minutes says wrestling fans aren't likely qualified to vote

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posted on Sep, 27 2004 @ 10:35 PM

Consider yourself insulted wrestling fans. While I am an admitted fan of his, Andy Rooney definitely went too far in his comments on "60 Minutes" last night on CBS. Mr. Rooney has joined the growing number of people seemingly trying to downplay the importance of voting or discourage voting by those who normally don't.

In his segment Rooney took the pessimistic, and some would say obvious, viewpoint of saying that all of these companies and corporations setting up voting drives are in it not just to register voters but to promote their product or company. More important to the pro wrestling community, he took shots at our voting habits.

An arguable point, to say the least, but here's where Mr. Rooney goes overboard. He went on to say that these companies don't care if these people really vote, and neither does he. If you're a new citizen, Mr. Rooney says, "Wait another four years until you understand English well enough to know what the candidates are talking about before you vote."


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