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WWE: Incoherent Rambling: WrestleMania in the News, Remembering Big Bossman

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posted on Sep, 24 2004 @ 03:48 PM

Welcome to another Thursday in the Lounge. Today marks the first day of fall, which in Arizona means only one more month of triple-digit heat. It’s also Bruce Springsteen’s birthday, which he shares with George Alexander of Seinfeld. Finally, we’re just six short months away from WrestleMania, which means it’s already time to start planning your trip to LA, and it’s time for WWE to hold their annual WrestleMania press conference.

Who, exactly, do you invite to a press conference to promote a sports entertainment event? Would it be too much to hope for if ESPN or Fox Sports Net attended? How about Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight? How about 1000 wrestling fans, a few pseudo-wrestling reporters, and some well-placed plants? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

The point of the press conference was to get the buzz started as tickets go on sale this Saturday. I’m thinking that they don’t need any extra buzz to sell out the Staples Center. I live only five hours away, but my funds don’t allow me to attend WrestleMania this year. Forget about waiting until I have the funds, either, since this will sell out in minutes, if not seconds.


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