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WWE: 9/23 WWE Smackdown review: Giebink's Express v3.0 (Hr. 1)

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posted on Sep, 24 2004 @ 03:45 PM

WWE Smackdown review
September 23, 2004
Taped 9/21/04 in Phoenix, Ariz.
Aired on UPN
Report by Dusty Giebink, Torch Team Wisconsin Dream

In a nutshell: The season premiere of a show that never stops airing!

Trivia Time! Raw Is Trivial is brought to you, in part, by the Bubba Ray Dudley-endorsed Stacker 2. Bubba Ray gave his free year's supply to Viscera and Big Show and look what it's done for them! . . . and by Miller Brewery, where the slogan is “Urine for a tasty treat!”

I'm almost shocked that Christy pulled it off and won the Divas search. But, then again, let's look at it this way: Christy gets $250,000 and a WWE Diva contract, plus the Trish Stratus initiation. And, don't forget the opportunity to be escorted by a couple perverted guys in the “Diva Bodyguard For A Night” contest. Carmella got in excess of $100,000 dollars (exact dollar total not known for two pictorials), a Mazda RX-8 sportscar and a Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 motorcycle. Add all that to the fact that she's the first Playmate in God-knows how long to not get the cover of the PMOY issue (thank you, Charisma Carpenter). Christy has the Jenny McCarthy charisma and wackiness. Carmella has the
Jenny McCarthy pedigree. WWE has no redheaded Divas. 'Nuff said. =)



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