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WWE: TNA to move

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posted on Aug, 14 2004 @ 07:26 AM
As previously rumored, strong sources are indicating that TNA has officially made the decision to move from Nashville to Orlando. Various reports continue to state that the move will take place in September, while others say November would be more realistic. Despite these conflicting reports, sources now are saying that once the move takes place that the Impact! tapings will move to Tuesday night's instead of Thursday night's. The first night for this change, although not confirmed, is scheduled for September 14th.

As previously rumored as well, it appears TNA officials will go forth with the plan to end the weekly PPV events on Wednesday night's. Instead, TNA will go with a monthly Sunday night PPV event that will last for three hours. Although not confirmed, the first Sunday PPV is scheduled for November.

Despite the upcoming moving to Orlando, the TNA offices are expected to remain in Nashville. Various talent in TNA are also making the move to Orlando as Michael Shane recently did so. Christopher Daniels has discussed with officials about moving to Orlando as well.

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