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WWE: WWE Wrestlers Glad Ric Flair "Trashed" Bret Hart

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posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 03:15 PM
Although there is significant lockerroom respect for Bret Hart, the general reaction to the anti-Bret comments in Ric Flair's book is content. Wrestlers and some backstage officials were very excited to see Bret Hart get riled up to the point where he responded with a lengthy column.

Of course, there was also happiness because Bret's response undoubtedly triggered book sales.

There are some backstage who get joy out of seeing Bret Hart look bad, which explains the backstage reaction to the comments.

Wrestling-Observer Newsletter

posted on Aug, 5 2004 @ 01:33 PM
ever a certain wrestler wrote his own books other wrestlers have been doing the same thing. of course foley also said things that were kinda hurtful. he has made it clear he held back but also regreted some of the things he had said, about flair for example. and now flair has a book out and from what i seem to gather, he takes a shot at everyone, hart foley, himself even.

now if someone wants to write a book about their life and career fine. but it just seems WWE is playing up the negative aspects of flair's book and that alone has stopped me from wanting to guy it.

foley's books are filled with humor, not just anger and bitterness. i do feel some of the things he said are justified, feeling frustrated with how he was treated by certain people. we all feel that way from time to time but he didnt make it the focul point in his books. it was just part of his career.

flair made some remarks about foley because he felt he had to "retaliate" over what foley had said, which BTW wasnt all bad, some was but some was also good as others things were indifferent.

i think flair is an angry person who doesnt like being exposed as a human being with faults and feels a need to get back and get even with those he feels has wronged him.

i for one will not be buying this mans book, i dont want to read a book of retaliation and childish behavior. i think calling foley an overpaid stuntman is just bitterness and resentment technically all wrestlers are if you want to be technical about it, himself included. like a stuntman they do things that are painful but so to "wow" the crowd. much like a lot of us enjot action movies, for the action!

flair's a bit out of line IMO. he wont be getting my money anytime soon. books arent for airing out ones dirty laundry to make others look bad or "get back" at them.

posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 12:37 PM
What Bret has given to the World of Art ,World of loyalty ,dignity ,love and HEROS,no one can ever deny.
It was a pitty to see how he was treated ,but Bret is satisfied and we r satisfied coz we know what he has sacrified
and we love him and will always love him.Since he left WWF i remember none of my friends watched WWF .
We had certain compaigns to BAN local TV channel from showing WWF wrestling in Pakistan (i am a pakistani studying my chartered accountancy in UK)
And they started showing WCW where he was expected. World waited for the documentary on Bret Hart(WRESTLING WITH SHADOWS )to be aware
of the reality ,I knew from the very 1st day back in 1997 when i saw that match , i knew nobody can beat him by sharp shooter he was the best at it and
the way he spitted on Macmahon.
He was a real HERO,I loved his Hitman charactor since i was 8 years kid,loved the way he use to come and give his glasses to kids,He was a super hero
and he will always be whether he is HITMAN or BRET HART,we loved him and love him and will always love him,since HE IS THE BEST THERE IS,
therefore RICK FLAIR is just ugly old bloke with an ugly body and big mouth he has
no comparison with bret,bret ranks high above.


posted on Aug, 18 2004 @ 12:49 PM
That is great, i have already read that once.

If you wish to have a decent discussion and join in the fun zaib then thats cool. But please don't keep on posting the same thing all the time. There is no need to keep repeating yourself, add something new to the thread you first posted in, you got some replys.

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