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WWE: old taker Vs new taker and my opinion/observations

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posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 07:25 AM
i remember when the undertaker first came out. he was a totally different character on what was then the WWF's roster. he was evil dark brooding quiet and let his actions speak for him. he made an impact on wrestling and continues to do so today.

however i noticed how easily he went from the new undertaker that was more or less a biker type redneck character to the evil dark brooding staring untalking or barely talking undertaker. the fans loved the old taker and they always liked him but since he went back to the old version of the undertaker his pops are enormous now.

i always liked the undertaker. when i got to the age that i could appreciate that these guys do and knew what was going on behind what they showed you on TV i really liked him. his character is solid and he does his thing very well and he also helps puts over other wrestlers and can make himself as well as his opponent look better after the match than they did before the match. he has helped so many become the stars they are today. austin, the rock and so many others.

but he is getting old. he still wrestles very well but as a person ages they are more prone to injuries and those injuries take longer to heal. eventually he will have to retire and if they hadnt found a way to fill the void before then they're in serious trouble. when austin left they scrambled to fill the void he left and havent done a very good job of it. a lot of the old mainstays are getting old and cant carry the weight anymore and they're looking to push more younger wrestlers and thats good.

i like the reincarnation of the old undertaker. i still liked the old outfit with the gloves, the hat and the tie and stuff as it made him looking more like a real undertaker (or what you would think an undertaker would look like)

what i find so fascinating is that people didnt even blink an eye when he went back to his old character. its like we know its all fake. the outfits, the character, the outcome, the story line, etc yet we get into the moment and cheer him on as if he were the undertaker himself.

most people dont like character changes but not many if any minded his change.

i hope they find something to do with him to fully untilize his character. that booker T thing was stupid and mordecai would have been good with him going to OVW to refine his doesnt look like "the dead man" will have a whole lot to do.

reminds me of WCW letting their talent go to rot. he only has so many years left and i hope they use those years he stays with them wisely.


posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 05:49 PM
I'm glad he came back as the Taker as it was one of my favourite characters as a kid.

It looks like John Heidenreich is being brought back to the WWE to feud with the Undertaker. There are some in the back who question this move, since Heidenreich was nowhere close to being ready for a big feud the last time he was brought up to Raw earlier this year. I don't know if this one will work out any good?

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