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WWE: WWE Diva sent down to OVW

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posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 02:25 PM
Former Tough Enough winner Linda Miles (Shaniqua), the former manager of the Basham Brother's on Smackdown was recently sent down to OVW so that she could recieve a little more seasoning. However, since being sent down she has butted heads with OVW's Jim Cornette.

Miles & Cornette were involved in a shouting match last week after Miles reportedly "called a horrible" match with Jillian Hall at OVW's TV Taping. The blame of course fell squarely on Miles who then tried to place the blame on other excuses which Cornette would not accept.

Miles ended off being pulled from all the OVW house shows this past weekend and her scheduled match against Victoria at OVW's big Six Flags event was canceled. Miles did return to train this week, but shortly after she arrived she left again. Much of the WWE talent is unhappy with Miles, since she "won" her WWE contract and does not appreciate it.

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