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WWE: Demolition 'Axe and Smash'

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posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 03:49 PM
"Here comes the Axe! Here comes the Smasher!"

When the rock and roll tune started blaring and you heard those lyrics, you knew only one thing Demolition would soon be making their way down the aisle. Sure enough, they'd make their way down the aisle, wearing spiked leather outfits, looking like they just stepped straight out of a S&M flick. Now let's be honest. Axe and Smash weren't the best wrestlers in the world. They weren't the fastest, nor did they even really look like they were in shape. Didn't matter. It was all about the showmanship, and Demolition put on a show better than any other tag team. The face makeup and spiked leather helmets made for an intimidating sight, they would cut the most hilarious interviews, and their finishing move was quite possibly the best ever. Demolition started off as a classic heel team and then made an astounding face turn.

The face paint, the leather studded gear, the metal music. Demoltion was originally written off as Road Warrior rip offs. That was the label slapped on Ax and Smash, together known as Demolition, when they made their World Wrestling Federation debut in the late 1980's. Some wrestling fans openly mocked them, sarcastically calling them Hawk and Animal instead of Ax and Smash. "Way to go, Vince," the critics moaned, "hit us with another bad gimmick." Stuck with the "Road Warrior" stigma, fans wrote off Demolition before they could apply their first elbow and collar tie up. Once that first lock up was made, however, something happened. Ax and Smash lived up to their team moniker as they demolished everyone and anyone who was unfortunate to have to face them.

It was on March 27th, 1988, in Atlantic City, NJ, Ax and Smash defeated Rick Martel and Tito Santana, known collectively as Strike Force, to capture their first of three Tag Team Championships. The talk that Demolition was a poor man's Road Warriors was laid to rest that night. Critics clammed up and fans stopped laughing. Everyone sat up, took notice, and WWF tag team history was made.

Everyone quickly discovered that Demolition were not ones to make small talk or joke lightly. They appointed themselves grand executioners of the WWF. After a sixteen month title reign, it was wrestling legends, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, who upended the devastating duo for the championship. Demolition, however, would not be denied their destiny and reclaimed their titles a mere three months later. In Huntsville, AL, on a cold December night in 1989, it was Bobby "The Brain" Heenan's Colossal Connection, backed by the immense power of Andre the Giant and the immeasurable fortitude of Haku, who caused Demolition's second period as Tag Team Champions to end. Again, Demolition would not be abjured. On April Fool's Day, 1990, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in a heated contest which was anything but funny, Ax, Smash, and the newly found Crush overcame Andre and Haku to capture their third and final rule as WWF Champions.

Ax soon broke away from Demolition, after which they relinquished the titles for the last time to the Hart Foundation. Smash and Crush suffered through repackaging and horrible gimmicks, floundering in the WWF's mid card. Despite years of rumours of original members returning or new members debutting, Demolition has never returned.

posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 06:38 PM
These guys were "a wreckingball with make-up." Like Kiss, I loved them. Rules, out the door, they pounded people. And they were cool. Not my favorite, but close. Any ACDC song here. Preferably, "Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap."


posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 08:18 AM
Well i can say i didn't really like them but they they did rack up alot of wins. I'm surprised they never made a comeback they were a wreckin machine.

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