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WWE: Killer Kowalski

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posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 01:21 PM

A perennial number one contender for the WWE championship, Killer Kowalski will forever be known for one tragic incident that occurred at the Montreal Forum some 50 years ago. While descending from the turnbuckles, the Windsor, Ontario native grazed Yukon Eric's ear, tearing part of it off.

The episode added to Kowalski's already fierce reputation. Before challenging Bruno Sammartino or Pedro Morales for the title, Kowalski attempted to intimidate them with an anecdote about the wind sweeping up behind Yukon Eric on the street, and spinning him around.

A longtime vegetarian, Kowalski outlasted many of his peers as an active wrestler because of his dedication to fitness. In 1976, as one of the masked Executioners, he and one of his training disciples, Big John Studd, became WWE tag team champions. In the coming decades, his students would include A-Train and Triple H.

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