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WWE: Johnny Rodz

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posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 11:19 AM

No matter where his spot on the card, no matter how big the match or opponent, Johnny Rodz always gave the fans their money's worth and then some! For his efforts, passion and boundless energy, the unpredictable one earned a place in the WWE Hall of Fame because he treated every match as if it were his biggest, and earned the praise of all around him as a result.

After enjoying much success in California, Rodz came to WWE during the mid-1970s and quickly earned a reputation as one who never shied away from a match, no matter who the opponent. His unique style earned him the nickname, Unpredictable Johnny Rodz, and his ability to entertain during matches became legendary.

After his career in the ring ended, Rodz never left the business as he began an endeavor to train wrestling talent out of internationally renowned Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, New York. While Gleason's is best known for producing boxing greats such as Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis, thanks to Rodz it has also produced some of the biggest names in sports entertainment as well. Tommy Dreamer, Bill DeMott, D-Von Dudley and Tazz are just a few on a long list of in-ring greats produced by Rodz and he continues his work to produce talent of the highest quality to this day.

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