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WWE: Returns to the WWE?

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posted on May, 19 2004 @ 03:55 PM
Bruce Prichard is apparently a big influence in the recent Undertaker and Mordecai short, dark promos. Sources claim Prichard has been feeding old-school style booking ideas like the aforementioned style promos to Vince McMahon, who has been eating it up. Expect more of it.

Looks as though Konnan is interested in attaining an announcing position, likely with the Spanish broadcast team, in WWE. The talk in the locker room at the Judgment Day pay-per view he was in attendance for on Sunday was that he's looking to get the spot, and he has experience in it with NWA-TNA. It's possible he is tied up in a contract with TNA which would mean something would have to be done for him to get a spot in WWE as desired.

The other two past WWE names who were backstage at the PPV on Sunday, Sean Waltman (X-Pac) and Diamond Dallas Page, as far as they are concerned, both show interest in a return. Waltman was seen talking with his friend Triple H, who was at the show in somewhat of a management capacity, and DDP has been wanting to get back into wrestling, although no word on interest from the WWE side.

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