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WWE: Judgement Day 16/05/04

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posted on May, 14 2004 @ 03:44 PM
The following is the final card for Sunday's Judgment Day PPV:

- WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero vs. John Bradshaw Layfield.

- WWE Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas & Rico, with Miss Jackie, vs. Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn.

- U.S. Champion John Cena vs. Rene Dupree.

- Cruiserweight Champion Jacqueline vs. Chavo Guerrero, with Chavo Classic. Chavo will wrestle with one hand tied behind his back.

- The Undertaker, with Paul Bearer, vs. Booker T.

- The Dudley Boyz vs. Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio.

- Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie.

- Mordecai makes his debut.


posted on May, 15 2004 @ 03:50 PM
Although Mordecai has his match on Judgment Day, some still expect him to get involved in the Undertaker/Booker T match. Again, that is NOT confirmed, but has been a possibility since a Mordecai/Undertaker program is expected for this summer.


posted on May, 17 2004 @ 04:56 PM
Referee: Nick Patrick
Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam vs. The Dudley Boyz

The music of Rey Mysterio hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for the opening match, teaming with Rob Van Dam against Bubba Ray and D-Von, The Dudley Boyz. Bubba and RVD started the match and RVD went for a few spin kicks to psyche out RVD. Bubba then distracted the referee and D-Von attacked RVD from behind and D-Von started the match instead. D-Von went to work on RVD and shoved him headfirst into the buckle. D-Von shoved him to the boot of Bubba in the corner and made the tag. Bubba continued to work over RVD and choked him out on the ropes.

Rob Van Dam fought back with a spin kick and a dropkick and then hit a monkey flip out of the corner. D-Von came in but was backdropped by RVD and RVD cleared the ring of the Dudley Boyz. RVD then hit a hilo over the top onto Bubba on the outside and Rey hit a cross body off the top to the floor on D-Von. RVD and D-Von locked up and D-Von scored with a knee to the gut but RVD fought back with right hands and hit a step over spin kick to D-Von and went to run the ropes but Bubba attacked him from behind and D-Von charged at RVD but RVD moved and knocked Bubba of the apron. RVD went to run the ropes again and Bubba pulled down the top rope and RVD went to the outside where Bubba smashed him into the announce table.

Back inside, and Bubba Ray hit an elbow drop to the midsection of RVD. Bubba rammed RVD's head to the buckle and worked over him with clubs to the back. RVD fought back with a kick to the head and missed a spin kick but hit a leg sweep and tagged Rey. Rey came in and hit a springboard crossbody for a two count on Bubba. Bubba gained advantage and whipped Ret to the ropes, but Rey hit a tilt a whirl head sicciors. Rey went for the 619 but D-Von cut him off. Rey then went for a senton but Bubba caught him and hots hotted him on the top rope. Bubba then tagged in D-Von and D-Von slammed Rey and hit a running legdrop for two.

D-Von Dudley locked in a reverse chin lock on Rey but Rey fought out but D-Von hit a flying elbow for two. D-Von tagged in Bubba who slapped Rey across the head. Bubba hit a vertical suplex on Rey and slapped him around some more. Bubba taunted RVD and RVD got in the ring allowing D-Von and Bubba to switch. D-Von choked Rey with his boot and went to work on him in the corner with right hands and clubs to the neck. D-Von whipped Rey to the ropes and Rey came back with a bulldog to take D-Von down.

Rey struggled to make a tag to RVD but Bubba distracted the referee and he didn't see the tag. The Dudley Boyz then double teamed Rey as the referee was distracted. Bubba whipped Rey to the ropes and hit a spinebsuter for two, and starngely the music of RVD hit. Bubba sat Rey on the top rope and locked him in the tree of woe and went to work on Rey with some chops to the chest, but Rey battled back and knocked Bubba down. Rey went up top and hit a moonsault for two.Rey made the tag to RVd and Bubba tagged D-Von. RVD went to work on D-Von with some spin kicks and scored a two count. D-Von whipped RVD to the corner and was met by an elbow of RVD. RVD then hit a kick off the top on D-Von and then hit Rolling Thunder for two when Bubba broke up the count.

Rey came in and went to work on Bubba but Bubba backdropped him over the top rope. Bubba then slammed RVD and D-Von went to the top rope but Rey crotched D-Von on the tope. Mysterio hit the Bronco Buster on Bubba and then RVD launched Rey onto D-Von who was on the top turnbuckle and he hit a headscissors for a close count. The Dudley Boyz gained the advantage and went for the 3D but RVD took out Bubba and then Rey hit a double 619 to both Dudley Boyz and Rob Van Dam went up top for the Five Star Frog Splash on D-Von to pick up the victory!

Winners - Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

Josh Mathews was shown outside Booker T's locker room. He says the strange sounds have stopped. Booker said he has been going through his pre match ritual. He shouted at Josh for interupting. Booker said he is bigger than RVD, than Rey Mysterio and than the Undertaker. He shows his bag and says it holds the power to beat the Undertaker. Tonight, everyone will know that Booker T is the one true star on Smackdown!

The music of Smackdown! General Manager, Kurt Angle, hit in the arena and Luther Rains rolled down a big rectangular object that was covered with a drape. Luther just stood there and then suddenly, Kurt emerged from the structure in his chair. Kurt got on the mic and adressed the Los Angeles crowd. Kurt said when he comes here, he doesn't see any Angels, but he does see self important phonies and incompetant losers looking for their big break. He sees an overrated Basketball team, whose star player won't be in the Olympics because he will be on trail and worst of all, he sees fans and supporters of Eddie Guerrero. Kurt said if Eddie didn't cheat at WrestleMania, he would be defending the title here tonight. Kurt said when JBL beats Eddie tonight, he expects the fans to riot. Which is why when the show is over, he is getting out of this town and he hopes they get the biggest earthquake in history. Kurt said he is here to adress the person who is responsible for him being in the wheelchair, Torrie Wilson. Kurt ordered Torrie to come out right now. The music of Torrie hit, and she came out looking scared. Torrie got in the ring and Kurt said to cut the music. Kurt said that he tried to clean up her mess, and he ended up paying the price and since she is responsible for the end of his career, she should be responsible for the end of her career. Kurt said that if Torrie loses in her match with Dawn Marie, she will be fired!

Referee: Charles Robinson
Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie then made her way out to the ring and the two locked up. Torrie backed Dawn to the ropes and Dawn shoved her away. They locked up again and Dawn backed Torrie to the ropes and Torrie shoved her down. Dawn went for a clothesline but Torrie ducked and took Dawn down with a snapmare. Torrie then hit a dropkick to the face for two. Dawn fought back and picked up Torrie but Torrie escaped and rolled up Dawn for two. Torrie took Dawn down with a pair of clotheslines and then went for a headscissors in the corner but Dawn blocked it.

Torrie went for a crossbody off the top, but Dawn moved and Torrie crashed to the canvas. Dawn kicked Torrie around on the mat and slammed her face first to the canvas. Dawn choked Torrie over the middle ropes and then choked her on the apron. Dawn hit a forearm on Torrie on the apron and then pushed her outside. Dawn got back into the ring to break the count and Torrie then got on the apron but Dawn hit a baseball slide to knock her outside. Dawn hit a legdrop on the outside and brought Torrie back inside. Dawn went for a cover but Torrie kicked out at two. Dawn locked in a sleeper hold on the mat but Torrie got to her feet and battled out of it and took Dawn down with a clothesline and then hit a neckbreaker for two.

Torrie kicked Dawn in the corner and then hit a sunset flip for two. Torrie then rolled up Dawn and ripped her outfit and Dawn's ass was in full view! Dawn then took over and hit an X-Factor on Torrie for a close fall. Dawn went for a clothesline but Torrie ducked and then got Dawn in a pinning combination for the victory and Torrie will keep her job!

Winner - Torrie Wilson

Bradshaw was shown in the back and he said we have a country full of Eddie Guerrero's and nowhere is it more prevailent than Los Angeles. He said those that wash his car, and those who shine his shoes, at least they are trying to earn an honest living but the rest are just like Eddie. Bradshaw said tonight he will win the title and in JBL's America, everyone speaks English and people who are on wellfare do not have tons of kids and criminals like Eddie are prosecuted. Tonight, it is Judgment Day for Eddie Guerrero and JBL guarentees he will be victorious.

Referee: Jim Korderas
Scotty Too Hotty vs. Mordecai

The music of Scotty Too Hotty made his way down and his opponent will be the debuting Mordecai. Some holy type music hit and Mordecai come out in a white robe and he is hold a staff, and drives it into the ground a pyro goes off. Mordecai leaves the staff in the aisle way and makes his way into the ring and bends down in the corner, maybe a prayer. Scotty didn't know what to think as the two men locked up. Mordecai went to work on Scotty and shoved him to the ring post. He then went outside and wrenched Scotty's head into the steel. Mordecai then knee'd Scotty on the apron. He then shoved Scotty shoulder first into the opposite post and then locked him up in the ropes and wrenched back on him.

Mordecai hit a straight knee to the head of Scotty and Scotty then tried to fight back with right hands but Mordecai hit a knee and then whipped Scotty but Scotty hit a superkick and hit a bulldog. Scotty then went for the Worm but Mordecai pulled him down and went to work on him with some kicks and then a clothesline. Mordecai then looked to the skies and hit a crucfix bomb (Razors Edge) for a three count.

Winner - Mordecai

Chavo and Chavo Classic are shown in the locker room and Jacqueline comes in with a present for Chavo. She said she got him something special to wear to the ring tonight. Chavo said he doesn't need a gift and he opens it and it a a pair of bra and panties. Chavo said this is not funny, this is not playtime and tonight he is going to make her hurt so bad and take back that Cruiserweight Title. Chavo Classic was then shown in the background playing with the thong!

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn vs. Rico and Charlie Haas (c)

Rico and Charlie Haas made their way to the ring with Miss Jackie and Charlie was going to go up the runway but backed out. They will be putting their gold on the line against Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn. Hardcore Holly and Billy Gun argued about who was going to start with Rico and Rico slapped them both on the ass as they bailed from the ring. Haas then got in the ring and both Hardcore and Gunn wanted to start then. Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas started the match with a lock up and Holly backed Haas to the corner and shoved Haas.

They locked up again and Haas took Holly down with a firemans carry for a two count. Haas then frustrated Holly by having better mat skills than him. Hardcore then locked in a side headlick but Haas escaped and Holly knocked him down with a shoulder block but then Haas took Holly down with an arm drag and Rico made the tag and took over on Holly. Rico went behind Holly and seemed to enjoy it and Holly got out of there and tagged in Billy Gunn.

They locked up and Gunn backed Rico to the corner and Rico went to blow a kiss and Gunn and Gunn scrambled away. Gunn locked in a side headlock and Rico got a handful of his ass and Gunn went to tag Holly but Holly jumped off the apron. Rico then hit a martial arts kick in the corner and Gunn landed near Rico's groin, which Rico enjoyed. Rico then tagged in Haas and Gunn tok Haas down with a right hand and then went outside and took down Rico. Hardcore got in the ring beehind the referees back and took down Haas and Bill got a two count.

Hardcore tagged in and went to work on Haas in the corner with some chops and clubs to the back. Hardcore delivered a suplex for a two count and tagged in Gunn. Gunn went to work on Haas with some right hands in the corner as Jackie cheered on Haas. Gunn tagged in Holly and Holly locked in a sleeper hold on the mat. Haas fought out but Holly took him down with the best dropkick in the business. Holly then made a cover for two and tagged in Gunn. Haas tried to battle back on Gunn but Gunn hit a boot to the face in the corner and then stomped Haas on the mat.

Gunn tagged in Holly and Holly kicked Haas in the ribs and then draped Haas across the ropes and kicked him in the abdomen. Holly then made a cover for two. Holly shoved Haas to the buckle but Haas fought back but then Holly hit a powerslam and went up to the top rope but was met with a boot from Charlie Haas. Haas then crawled to his corner to try and make a tag. Holly tagged in Gunn and Haas tagged Rico and Rico went to work on Gunn and hit an atomic drop and a clothesline. Gunn then hit the Fameasser on Rico, but a blind tag had been made to Haas and Haas hit a German and Gunn made the tag to Holly. Holly went for the Alabama Slam on Haas but Rico superkicked Holly and Haas rolled him up the victory!

Winners - Charlie Haas and Rico

The Undertaker was shown in the back and Paul Bearer adressed Booker T. Paul Bearer said that his time in running out and this is his Judgment Day. Undertaker then said Rest in Peace.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
Referee: Chavo Guerrero vs. Jacqueline (c)

The music of Chavo Guerrero hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with his father, Chavo Classic, and this will be his shot to regain the Cruiserweight Championship from Jacqueline, but he will have one arm tied behind his back! Chavo kicked Jacqueline in the gut and then went to work on her with shoulders to the mid section. Chavo then picked Jacqueline up and hit a back breaker on Jacqueline. Chavo kicked Jacqueline on the mat and went to work on her in the corner. He whipped her across the ring but she hit a headscissors that sent him into the steel post.

Jacqueline went to work on Chavo and she got on his back with a sleeper hold but Chavo backed her into the corner. Jacqueline then kicked Chavo three times in the midsection and made the cover for a two count. Jacqueline went to work with some forearms and Classic got on the apron and she hit a dropkick to his knee to knock him down. Chavo then took advantage with a clothesline and while the referee was distracted, Jacqueline hit a low blow and rolled Chavo up for two, and Chavo escaped to the outside.

Chavo Classic untied Chavo without Jacqueline or the referee knowing and Chavo got back in the ring. Jacqueline went for a right hand but he blocked it and hit a clothesline to knock her down. Classic kept distracting the referee as Chavo hotshotted Chavo over the top rope. Classic grabbed a chair to distract the referee and Chavo hit a Gory Bomb on Jacqueline and then covered her to regain his championship!

Winner - Chavo Guerrero

Chavo got on the mic and said that she made him do this and so did everyone who laughed at him. He said she is not laughing anymore and now no one can laugh at Chavo Guerrero again because he is once again the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Classic then went over to Jacqueline and kicked her in the midsection as the two left the ring.

United States Championship Match
Rene Dupree vs. John Cena (c)

The music of John Cena hit in the arena as he came out wearing a Lakers Jersey and he will be putting his United States Championship on the line against the French Phenom, Rene Dupree. Cena got on the mic and got the crowd pumped up. Cena rapped about Dupree, he said he will beat his ass and send the bitch back to France. He said he should hate himself instead of the USA and it looks like Fifi took a pee pee on top of his head. He said Dupree is not worthy and he is the type of cat to go in the crowd and give away his jersey. The music of Rene Dupree then hit, interupting John Cena.

Cena and Dupree locked up and Dupree backed Cena to the corner went for a right but Cena blocked it and hit some rights of his own and Dupree got out of the rign and Cena chased his and took him down and hit some right hands on the mat. He whipped Dupree to the corner but was met bt a boot from Dupree. Cena gained the advantage again and whipped Dupree and hit a back body drop and took him to the outside of the ring. Cena went outside after him and hit a club to the neck and then Dupree pulled Cena skull first into the steel ring post.

Dupree threw Cena back into the ring and elbowed Cena in the head and then locked in a reverse chin lock in the ropes. Dupree shoved Cena's head to the buckle and hit some right jabs. Cena fought back with forearms but Dupree stopped him. Cena then whipped Dupree to the buckle and he ended up on the apron and Cena charged at him and Dupree ducked sending Cena crashing to the outside of the ring. Dupree hit Cena with a chop on the outside and sent him head first into the apron. Dupree then tossed him back inside and went to work on Cena with some punches to the back of the head. Dupree then hit a backbreaker on Cena for a two count.

Dupree locked in a bearhug on John Cena as the referee asked if he would like to give up. Dupree then clubbed the back of Cena and locked the bearhug back in. Cena fought out with a headbutt to the temple of Dupree, but Dupree charged him into the buckle and hit some shoulder tackles and then locked in the bearhug again. Cena tried to fight out with some forearms and then hit a jawbreaker. Cena hit a shot to the midsection and then two right hands. Cena whipped Dupree to the ropes and hit a clothesline and then a running back elbow and then a flying shoulder. Cena then hit a side walk slam and looked to the crowd and told Duprre he can't see him and went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Dupree moved.

Dupree the hit a big spinebuster on Cena and did the French Tickle. He went for a axe ahndle but Cena moved. Cena went up top but Dupree hit a kick to the midsection and then hit a big time DDT on Cena. Cena went for the FU but Dupree escaped and hit a neckbreaker for a two count and Dupree has a bloody mouth. Dupree signalled for the end and went for a powerbomb but Cena gave him a backdrop and he ended up in a sunset flip and Cena sat down on him for two. Cena then got another near fall and Cena caught Dupree out of the corner and hit the FU to pick up the three count to retain his gold! John Cena then took his throwback Lakers Jersey and looked into the crowd and climbed into the crowd to give away his jersey.

Winner - John Cena

A video promo was played hyping up the debut of Kenzo Suzuki on the Smackdown! Brand.

Booker T vs. The Undertaker

The music of Booker T hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for this next match against the Phenom, The Undertaker! Booker kept staring at his little black bag as the lights went out in the arena and the gong of the Undertaker sounded. Smoke filled the entrance way as Paul Bearer led the Undertaker to the ring. The Undertaker stared at Booker T as Booker held up his black bag of voodoo. The bell sounded as Booker laid his bag down in the corner and the Undertaker has not taken his eyes off of Booker T.

They locked up and Booker backed the Undertaker into the corner and gave the clean break. The Undertaker the shoved Booker into the corner and knocked him down with a right hand which sent Booker to the outisde. Booker wiped the bag over his body and got back into the ring. Booker went to work on the Undertaker and kicked him square in the face but it had no effect and Tkaer knocked him down with a right hand. The Undertaker rook Booker to the buckle and gave him a full arm drag and twist and wrenched on the arm of Booker T. Booker reversed into a standing side kick and then whipped the Undertaker to the buckle but Taker reversed and hit a side walk slam and then followed up with a leg drop for two.

The Undertaker then clotheslined Booker T to the outside of the ring and grabbed him by the hair and pulled him on the apron but Booker dropped down, snapped Taker's head off the top rope. Booker went up top and came off with a missle dropkick for two and then went to work on the Taker with right hands in the corner which sent the Undertaker to the mat. Booker continued his assualt on the Undertaker and went over to his bag again. The Undertaker fought back with right hands and the two exhanged blows and Booker hit a knee to the gut and whiiped Taker to the ropes and went for a side kick but the Undertaker ducked and hita flying clothesline.

The Undertaker grabbed the arm of Booker T and scored with Old School. Taker then hit a Stroke and locked in a front face lock submsiion hold, but Booker was in the ropes. The Undertaker signaled for the Last Ride and haisted Booker up but Booker escaped and the referee was knocked down. Booker opened the bag and threw the content into the eyes of the Undertaker but he is not affected and goes to work on Booker and hits a huge clothesline in the corner on Booker. He went for a big boot in the corner but Booker moved and Taker stradlef the top turnbuckle. Booker to advantage and worked over the leg of the Undertaker and wrapped his knee around the ring post.

Booker T continued to work on the Undertaker and shoved him knee first into the ring steps. Booker then got back into the ring and then went back outside and came off with an axe handle to the Undertaker. Booker T threw him back inside and hit a right hand and whipped him to the ropes and hit a leg lariat for a two count. Booker T locked in a front headlock on the Undertaker and took the Undertaker down to the mat as the fans chanted for the Deadman. The Undertaker fought back with shots to the midsection but Booker T hit the Scissors Kick but the Undertaker kicked out! The Undertaker then sat up and Booker ran at him but was met with a Big Boot. The Undertaker then hit the Chokeslam on Booker T and signaled for the Tombstone. The Undertaker picked up Booker T and gave him the Tombstone and the referee counted the three!

Winner - The Undertaker

Michael Cole tells us that we are sold out tonight at the Staples Center, and the next time the WWE is on pay per view, the RAW Brand will present Bad Blood.

WWE Championship Match
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Eddie Guerrero (c)

The music of John Bradshaw Layfield hit in the arena as he made huis way tot he ring as the Number One Contender to the WWE Championship and he will be getting his shot at the gold right here tonight at Judgment Day as he goes one on one with Eddie Guerrero. JBL got on the mic and said he will be doing this in English so for those of you who need a translator, ask an American nearby. JBL said he wants to congratulate the crowd as they are a part of history, and a part of JBL's new America. He says he knows a lot of them swan a long way to get here, but save a spot on the raft for Eddie Guerrero to take him back to Mexico. JBL said he just lost his housekeeper, a Mexican, as she stole from him. JBL then said he will use Eddie's Mother as his maid, that way, she can live her last remaining days in his glorious home in New York City. JBL again guarenteed that he will be victorious here tonight.

The music of Eddie Guerrero hit as he made his way out in a low rider as the WWE Champion. Eddie stared down JBL and JBL ran his mouth at Guerrero. Eddie stood on the top turnbuckle staring at JBL as if he was about to explode. Eddie charged at JBL and went to work on him with right hands sending him outside. Eddie sent him into the barricade and then into the ring steps. Eddie kicked JBL on the floor and then rolled him back into the ring but Bradshaw rolled back out and Eddie followed him and sent him into the steel post and threw him over the Spanish Announce Table.

Eddie strangled JBL with a camera cable on the outside and then threw him back inside and hit a right hand to knock him down. Eddie continued to work over Bradshaw and sent him to the outside once again. JBL started walking up the aisle and Eddie followed him and hit a running forearm to the back of the head to knock him down. Eddie sent him into the barricade and then tossed him back inside. Eddie hit a straight right to drop Bradshaw and then twisted his foot on JBL's face.

Eddie again tossed Bradshaw to the outside and went to send him into the steps but Bradshaw reversed, sending Eddie into the steel. Bradshaw hit Eddie with a right hands and some chops to the chest and sent Eddie headfirst into the announce table. Bradshaw followed him over and hit a right hand and then went into the ring to break the count. Bradshaw tossed Eddie back inside but Eddie started to fight back and Bradshaw hit a boot to the face to knock Eddie down.

Bradshaw hit some chops in the corner on Eddie and then whipped him across the ring which sent Eddie down. Bradshaw then hit a side headlock takedown and synched in the headlock on the mat as the fans chanted for Guerrero. Eddie escaped with shots to the gut but Bradshaw knocked him down with a shoulder tackle and again locked in a side headlock on the mat. Eddie fought to his feet and then escaped but Bradshaw knocked Eddie down with a shoulder tackle but Eddie hit a pair of armdrags which sent Bradshaw outside. Eddie went for a plancha but Bradshaw caught him and delivered a Fallaway Slam on the outside.

Eddie chopped the chest of Bradshaw on the outside and then charged at Bradshaw but Bradshaw backdropped him onto the announce table which gave no give. Both men made it back into the ring before the ten count and JBL hit a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. The pair exhanged right hands and Eddie got the advantage but JBL hit a knee to the midsection and was given a back drop by Bradshaw for a two. Bradshaw clubbed the neck of Guerrero and then locked in a bearhug on Eddie in the middle of the ring.

Eddie escaped with a poke in the eyes and whipped Bradshaw to the corner repeatedly and then knocked JBL down with a right hand and began to fire up. He whipped Bradshaw to the ropes and hit a dropkick and then hit two of the three vertical suplexes and Bradshaw went for the Clothesline From Hell but Eddie ducked. Bradshaw went for a powerbomb but Eddie escaped and the referee got knocked out. Bradshaw charged at Eddie and Eddie backdropped him to the outside whle he tried to revive the referee.

Eddie went to the outside and sent Bradshaw flying into the announce table. Eddie then checked onthe referee again but Bradshaw then wiped him out with a chair shot and Eddie was BUSTED BAD. The blood was gushing from he head as a small holy # chant started up.

Bradshaw hit a right hand and Eddie could hardly stand. Bradshaw picked up the ring steps and rammed them into the head of Guerrero and blood is everywhere. They get back into the ring and Bradshaw is met by a chorus of boos. Bradshaw looked at the head of Eddie and smiled and then delivered a right hand. Bradshaw signaled for the Clothesline From Hell and wiped Eddie out with it but the referee was down. Bradshaw tried to revive the referee but it was no good. Charles Robinson came running to the ring but Eddie kicked out at the last second!

Bradshaw signaled for the Clothesline From Hell again and Eddie is covered in blood. Bradshaw went for it but Eddie moved and the second referee was taken out. Bradshaw then hit a huge powerbomb and made the cover and Brian Hebner came to, but Eddie kicked out!

Bradshaw then locked in a sleeper hold on Guerrero and the blood is flowing from Eddie head like a waterfall. Eddie escaped the sleeper with a back suplex but Bradshaw clubbed his back and Eddie started to fire up again! Eddie went to work with some right hands and knocked Bradshaw down to the mat.

Bradshaw caught Eddie and went for a Fallaway Slam but Eddie countered into a Tornado DDT and then crawled to the ropes to help him get up. Eddie could hardly stand but he started climbing the ropes. Eddie came off with the Frog Splash but Bradshaw moved out of the way and both men are down.

Bradshaw rolled outside and grabbed the WWE Championship Belt and a Steel Chair. He threw the chair into the ring and the referee took it but he still had the belt and went to clock Eddie with it but Eddie hit a low blow and then knocked down Bradshaw with the belt and referee called for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification - John Bradshaw Layfield

Eddie Guerrero got on top of Bradshaw and went to work on him with right hands as a sea of referee's came down to get Eddie off of Bradshaw. Eddie then escaped and grabbed the belt again and again knocked down Bradshaw and went to work on him with the belt. Bradshaw is now busted open and Eddie goes outside and picks up a steel chair. Eddie clocks Bradshaw with the chair. Eddie put Bradshaw back in the ring and Bradshaw begged off and Eddie has the chair and cleaned the clock of Bradshaw with it. Eddie then went to the tope rope and came off with the Frog Splash onto Bradshaw, and the ring is full of blood. The referee's then pull JBL out and escort him to the back and he can't stand up. Eddie Guerrero went after Bradshaw and attacked him in the aisle way as more help came out to seperate Guerrero and Bradshaw. Eddie then got back into the ring and grabbed his title and the fans went nuts for Eddie Guerrero.

End of Show.

[Edited on 18/5/04 by TRD]


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