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WWE: Comings and goings..........

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posted on Jul, 15 2003 @ 07:22 AM
WWE road agent Terry Taylor has been fired from WWE. No news on why yet. He had been in charge of weekend house shows for the WWE.

Jamal from Three Minute Warning has been released, Rosie will carry on for the time being in a singles capacity.

The Hulkster has quit...again. This time its over his pay-off for Wrestlemania XIX and the companys creative direction. The whole Mr America thing hasn't settled very well with Hogan and he was receiving smaller and more insignificant storylines. For me the six man tag with Lesner and Angle v The Greatest Tag Team in the World and the Big Show was the last straw. When the match got scientific and Hogan got the tag, you could see Lesner and Angle on the outside sharing a personal joke which was basically ripping into Hogan. I hear that he could resurface in All Japan where he still has a big name and a big match in the Tokyo Dome would draw alot of money and interest.

As mentioned before Rowdy Roddy Piper has parted company with the WWE. Piper had been working on a handshake agreement with the company and was supposed to take part in storylines until Summerslam in August but when he bashed the business in an interview that aired on HBO's Real Sports, WWE top brass decided to cut their losses and let the Hot Rod go. Rowdy Roddy was scheduled to host a series of Piper's Pit segments on the Up Close and Uncensored tour, including a heavily advertised pit-stop at the Saddledome next month. With Piper out of the picture, Calgary fans can expect Bruce Prichard to be the replacement host, donning his Brother Love garb to interview McMahon and Zach Gowen. The untelevised spot shows McMahon insulting the audience and attacking Gowen, before the one-legged wonder hits back with a series of high-spots and a moonsault from the top rope.

There has been a lot of speculation about former WCW diva Shannon "Daffney" Ward signing with the WWE. It has now been confirmed that Daffney has indeed signed with the WWE with a developmental contract. She has been told that she canít honor her indy commitments which are scheduled for this month.


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