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College Sports: Leftwich to start

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posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 02:24 AM
Len Pasquarelli, who used to be a mediocre sports journalist in the Sacramento area, back when I lived in Davis for what felt like a zillion scorching summers (1971-1994), is reporting on that Byrown Leftwich is practicing and WILL start for the Jags this week, barring a setback in practice.

I don't know exactly what to make of that. It seems to me he must be sufficiently "questionable" that they have to work him out and see if he can do it. Otherwise, he'd be sitting on his @ss, right? I mean, he sure knows the offense by now. And he's tough as nails, as anyone who saw his return to play with a BROKEN LEG at Marshall knows. So they don't need to test his heart.

A Jags' follower reported here that this is a largely unknown, under-rated team with a good offense and very good defense. I think that's true. Leftwich is not as good as I thought he would be in the NFL, but he's certainly above average. Ditto for Taylor.

They're playing in a division where one can get buried amidst all the acclaim for the Colts. But please note:

Their record would have won them FIVE of seven other divisions. In sum, they are not exactly your typical wild card team. If they played in the Pats' division, they would have finished two games AHEAD OF the Pats' fine offense. They only scored 18 poins fewer than the Pats, and gave up a whopping SIXTY-NINE fewer points.

On the other hand....

I'm awestruck by Belichik. I know Brady and a few others on the team have immense natural talent, but Belichik's the producer, and he is to football production what Sir George Martin was to 20th Century music production (he was named "Record Producer of the Century, though that was only a formality). We all know that without Belichik's brilliance, this remarkable run doesn't happen, just like anyone who's studied music theory, the Beatles' albums and their post-breakup stuff knows that Martin was AT LEAST the 3rd most important member of the act, and without him, they never would have become that band some of our great-great-great-great-great-great granchildren will be buying out of the Classical Music section, in between Bach and Beethoven, in 300 years.

So what is Belichik going to come up with for Jacksonville? Are the Jags' injuries sufficiently serious or limitng that he'll opt to makng it a defensive game and rely on his great front 7 and his devilish schemes? Or will he rely on Brady's arm, despite the excellent defense he's facing?

I could see New England killing them, but I also could see New England looking ahead to the Colts, even if only for one catastrohic quarter. I don't know about y'all, but I DON'T think this year's Jags' team is good enough to get caught unwares and casually fall behind a team like Jax 21-3 after one quarter, then come all the way back from that.

Wouldn't the Colts be ecstatic if they got to escape the Pats?

How is all this for some perspective, Pats fans? And, of course, Jags fans? Your boys better play full throttle, and wait to think about the Colts until afterward, or there will be no "afterward."


posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 05:26 PM
I have regretfully chosen the Pats to win this weekend. However, that is the pick that I feel is most likely wrong. I don't care which QB plays for the Jags, either. This may be the most entertaining game this weekend.


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