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College Sports: College FB Rankings---Falls from the Top 10

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posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 08:30 PM
I am going out on a limb--one about the size of a sequoia tree--and predicting that at least TWO of the teams currently in the Top 10 on all 3 major polls (the BCS, AP and USA) won't be in the Top 10 when all is said and done.

I mean, good god!! Coming into the past two days, Miami of Florida was #8 in the BCS and #9 in the other two polls. Oregon was #6 in the AP, #5 in the other two, and was getting screwed by playing in a nothing bowl.

Well, Oregon lost 17-14 to a mediocre Oklahoma team with FOUR losses. A team ranked #23 in the BCS, and not ranked in the Top 25 of either of the other polls. Way to go, Oregon. You guys STILL got shafted and should have been in a better bowl, but I'm wincing at the thought of what would have happened to you there, lol. And the number of people who sympathize with you just got reduced by, oh, about 99%.

And Miami? You are presently down 34-3, as the final seconds of the 3rd quarter tick off, against an admittedly formidable LSU team. You just picked one off and got good position, so you may "rally" to lose by "only" 37-17 or something, but y'ain't gonna be in the top 10 when the smoke clears on this @sskickin'.


With those two already self-expelled from the Top 10, who else--if anyone--do y'all will think will plummet out of the Top 10?

I don't think the top 3 could, unless Florida State just flat annihilated Penn State, which I'll believe when I see it and not one second earlier. But how about: (1) Ohio State, (2) Notre Dame, (3) Auburn, (4) Georgia or (5) Virginia Tech? Some of those teams WOULD fall out of the Top 10 if they lost, and others COULD, if they got whomped.

Who do y'all think will join Oregon and Miami in their falls from the Top 10? (B.T.W., it's now 37-3 LSU, as they just kicked a FG. I liked them to win this game, but if you'd offered me four TD's, I would have come out of retirement to the tune of about $10K on these clowns from Miami of Florida. I had no idea LSU was THIS good!!)



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