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Others: Top 10 Postseason Performances

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posted on May, 27 2003 @ 03:36 PM
1. Curt Schilling, Arizona Diamondbacks, 2001
2. Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls, 1993
3. Patrick Roy, Montreal Canadiens, 1986
4. Paul Molitor, Toronto Blue Jays, 1993
5. Wayne Gretzky, Edmonton Oilers, 1985
6. Orel Hershiser, Los Angeles Dodgers, 1988
7. Ken Dryden, Montreal Canadiens, 1971
8. Francisco Rodriguez, Anaheim Angels, 2002
9. Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Anaheim Mighty Ducks, 2003
10. Timmy Smith, Washington Redskins, 1987

Others receiving votes:
-Darrell Porter, St. Louis Cardinals, 1982
-Dominik Hasek, Buffalo Sabres, 1999
-Reggie Jackson, New York Yankees, 1978
-Jerry West, Los Angeles Lakers, 1965

Can you think of any they forgot?

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