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Tennis: Kournakova may comeback, too...

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posted on Dec, 10 2005 @ 10:22 AM

Anna Kournikova didn't ruled out making a return to professional tennis as she prepared to face former doubles partner Martina Hingis in an exhibition match.

The 24-year-old Russian, who hasn't played professionally since 2003 because of back problems, said she doesn't have any plans to return to the WTA Tour any time soon, but added that "the possibility is not completely out of the question."

Kournikova made the comments in Brazil ahead of the match against Hingis on a court set up on Rio de Janeiro's famed Copacabana beach on Saturday night.

They follow Hingis' recent confirmation that she is getting ready to return to the professional circuit.

Anna just doesn't want Martina to steal all of the press. She's jealous. And still won't win a tournament.


CBS Sportsline

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posted on Dec, 10 2005 @ 06:36 PM
What a joke. At least Tonya Harding, for all her "moral turpitude," had a whole lotta talent. Precious Anna is to sports what Demi Moore is to "acting"--take away the physical allure she has to SOME guys, and there's nothing left.

I hope I live long enough to see a world where talentless people with good looks--like Anna, Moore and Tom Cruise--don't make zillions off their pretty faces. Has their ever been a more unintentionally hilarious scene in Hollywood than the tremendous Jack Nicholson, who apparently played the courtroom scene something like 10 times and sounded exactly the same every time--asking Cruise, "You want the truth!?," and skinny little 5'2" Tommy's replying, "I WANT THE TRUTH!!!" in an ultra-tenor scream that was supposed to intimidate Jack Nicholson!

Great idea for a movie, guys, but DEMI MOORE as a credible commanding officer?! And TOMMY CRUISE as a credible genius trial attorney, intimidating the hell out of Jack f'in Nicholson until he succumbs and blows up and confesses???

In our style-over-substance world, I guess lots of women were content to sit there and gaze at Tommy's pretty face--and forget constant overemoting and his inexplicable belief that, because he's so enormously overpaid and overrated at acting, he's qualified to pop off on politics and should be taken seriously. And I guess lots of men could look past Demi Moore's arguable status as the worst actress in decades just to stare at her and overlook her laughability as a commanding officer.

Anyway, those clowns are the ones I think of when I hear about "Anna," the "tennis player." Shame on anyone who takes her seriously. If you want to have some sexy pinup of her in your house, fine and well, and you'll get no p.c. lecture about the sexual objectification of women from me. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, can we just forget about announcements based on the notion she's a real tennis player?



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