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Jesus - Scapegoat or Savior

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posted on Nov, 28 2003 @ 04:34 PM
In order to understand the power of "Jesus", it is necessary to have
a little background behind the mythology which allows such a
"religious icon" to hold power over our own garden - the physical body we walk around in 24x7x365.

It is not necessary, in following what I may write, to abandon Christianity.

It is however necessary to understand the "esoteric" metaphor behind
the teachings of Christianity, and some of the roots of these metaphors.

There was an ancient Jewish custom where once a year the village priest
gathered up all the sins of the villagers and by some "magical mystical process"
transferred all these sins to a goat which was then taken out into the desert
and left to die, alone.

Some say that dying process for the goat wandering
alone in the desert (wilderness) took 40 days and 40 nights.

And so originated the term "scapegoat" .. and "Saviour". (and both words have similar roots - one from Aramaic and the other from Hebrew.

Of course, Aramaic was the dialect of the common people and Hebrew was the dialect of the "priesthood" - both the same language with ego the only difference.

Christianity, has through the metaphor of the death that the resurrection of one
whom they call Jesus, created this same "scapegoat" and "Saviour".

In holding onto the concept of "Jesus" as more than a metaphor, one is denying,
not only the teachings attributed to this "Jesus" but is also elevating "Jesus" within
one's belief system to a status of greater than "God" as an icon, and thus breaching
the first commandment which says "thou shalt have no other God before me".

The fear experienced and the Obsessive Compulsive Dissorder called Christianityis not the fear of losing "Jesus" as "more than a metaphor",
but is of the fear of the repercussions of going against (Blasphemy) the institution
which created this icon within the belief system of people.

If it were (for example) mother who (also holding this belief) instilled
into the child the discipline of "praying to Jesus as a Saviour", then mother
is hiding behind "the persona of Jesus" ...

and it is not "Jesus" who saves, but the act of fulfilling mother's ritual to achieve approval
which is the salvation from her mother's disapproval.

In this example, anybody can be substituted for "mother", but underneath the church,
society, and all of all those other "institutions" lies the fear of mothers wrath ...
and the child learnt from the moment of conception that survival depended
on harmony with mother, her thoughts, her feelings, her emotions, her moods and her religious beliefs.

Mother, the Eternal, is, by Definition, Mother Church - as defined by the Catholic Canon.

The power of "Jesus" is not the power of "Jesus" but is the power of the external ritual
which ensures survival of the child. It is the following of this ritual which is the beginning,
for the child, or blasphemy against the spirit. It is the approval of the institution (mother)
which cannot be blasphemed against. And thus begins the conflict, the lie,
the separation of the child from its essence.

From One came two (the Tao) .. And us began the journey of separation and God outside of self ...
and the body (garden) carrying this remembering, became a place of external beautification,
a presentation that would meet with mother's approval.

By holding onto "Jesus", the "thought form" of "Jesus" becomes the salvation for the Child
from mother's disapproval, and as the child grows up,
the paradigm shifts so that "Jesus" becomes the "scapegoat".

And so underneath all, Mother (Church) owns your garden .. your body ... the life support system for the mind that thinks it can think for itself.

and the Superior Being is Great Caesar's Ghost.


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