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posted on Nov, 28 2003 @ 01:35 PM
At any time as one is and I mean is existentially and in mind, they are afforded the free-will to do or do not as they see fit. For a one to blame another is to see an inadequacy in themself. For one to offer love or compassion to another is to see sacrifice as given to self by/of another. I can only offer my opinion as not to claim any particular authority as one may interpret assurance to be....well everyone interprets as they choose do they not? So, thus said, I as a one in being have learned many things. I have always bee my own experiment, or rather, I have subjected myself to situations or acted out of faith to see the truth in things. For example: I once decided television might be holding back my mind and stifling my creativity.
I did not want others putting images into my mind that although I could control out of free-will to watch or not, was not being afforded any more than what the broadcasters chose to air. So I went some time, months, without and noticed faster understandings of things and better memory; I was learning with the vigor and enthusiam of a child which was always said to taper off with age. Yeah, as we age we watch more television, accept thoughts (food for thought, hehe) we are given and the content is more 'adult' too. When I told a friend what I had accomplished in my understanding, she said good for you.
I know that she didn't see the final outcome as I did so offered what she could as she thought I wanted support. I actually was very upset though at the time, not now, because I was stating what I knew unto self as a fact and gift to give another in truth, not a hey look at me give thanks. Any time I have ever offered a truth as I perceive it to be, it is as one who has tried it or been of it and want to teach or offer as a known. I now realize that as long as I do so, I must always as any other, know that another until such is mutually understood, accept no comments or 'assessments' as ascribed unto myself by another, as a truth when applicable to ascribed things by knowing:

If a student attends a class they are ignorant in the subject and want to be otherwise. The teacher of that class must have the compassion to understand the lack of command in that subject their students have as they would not be there if they knew the course. They must meet halfway.

To me it is and always will be futile to make war. Peace is so much more powerful for to be in the knowing of where one stands as self is to smile when another makes comments or statements that do not concur. If one is at a table in a restaurant for example, and another says you are stupid, why get angry if one knows they are not. Is THAT not more powerful than succumbing to futility and only proving they are right be becoming less than one is and accepting a fight that need not be?

Every time a one makes negative statements or words to BE, they
are adding those to the whole of us. If one makes a comment or word that in its or by its own definition inspires non-good whether in idea or action, they are causing (not by intention I am sure as it would be otherwise if this were so) another to have those things in mind. Some of us can just be above that behaviour but some are more impressionable than others. It comes down to this for me at present:

A one can add in positives or take in negatives from the whole in being as a part of it all. I am not concerned myself with judgements or by suppositions, I just choose what is natural to me: When all is said and done I can rest assured in knowing I was the best me that I could be to myself and personal peace, and to every other as in knowing I did my best as just a piece of the whole. Offer the world non-good or good the sum of you and your being makes the choice.

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