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American Football: AFC

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posted on Oct, 10 2006 @ 08:35 PM
Well we are a couple of weeks into the season, and its that time to see where the teams will be separating for the playoffs. There have been some dissapointing teams this year, and some shockers.

I would say that the Steelers have a lot more work to do if they are execpting to make it to the playoffs this year. Big Ben needs to get his game on, i know he had a difficult off-season but he is starting and should be playing a lot better. Know also if you look at the stats he hasn't thrown a TD all season, and the lone win came with Charlie Batch at QB

The Chargers are also looking good, Rivers surprised me with his performances this year, but also they have a great RB in LD and a solid defense i would liek to see this team make it to the playoffs.

The top team still in the AFC is the Colts even though they have squeaked by in the last couple of games, they are sitll un-defeated and they haven't even hit there full potential. Harrison and Wayne scored their first TD's of the season this past week so watch out.

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