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American Football: Help. Formations/passing/running plays?

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posted on Sep, 9 2006 @ 04:13 AM
Living down here in aust, I really don't know all that much about American Football, or 'Gridiron' as we call it. I've always just regarded it as just one other sport inferior to aussie rules, but once I actually looked into it it looks awesome. I dunno how to describe it, but Im sure everyone in this forum knows what Im talking about.

Anyway, I have been searching everywhere for info on a running play and a passing play for 5 different formations, the Pro Set, the I Formation, the T Formation, the Shotgun, and a Short Yardage Formation.

Unfortunately, I cant seem to find anything on these anywhere.

From what I could find, there are all sorts of running and passing plays, but nothing ever gives examples and they al expect you to know which formation the offensive team is using.

Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks, tom.

posted on Sep, 9 2006 @ 09:27 AM
I found several options for you to do some basic research.

Start with Wikipedia, American Football plays - LINK HERE
Gives you basic desriptions of 45 plays, though I didn't see any diagrams.

There is also the Football playbook page,
That page has a few plays, and apparently a free program to download, I assume to watch the plays in motion.

And this page has soem more plays, but the download has a price to it LINK HERE

posted on Sep, 9 2006 @ 09:28 AM
Maybe this'll help: (these are links, although it isn't readily apparent the way they show on a post).

Pro Set-

I Formation-

T Formation-


More formations-

Now, "short yardage" formations will be unique to a particular team's strategy and strength. Variations are endless, but typically will look like the I formation, with two tight ends, one receiver and a fullback.

[edit to add] Looks like Gibbs beat me to it. Welcome to Sportz Tawk, btw.

Gibbs, Im looking forward to that Notre Dame- Penn State game today. Should be a good one. Then tomorrow the Battle of the Mannings. Can't wait for that one.

[Edited on 9/9/06 by yeahright]

posted on Sep, 10 2006 @ 06:26 PM
Thanks guys. That will help a lot.

And yeah, thanks for the welcome.:party-smiley-018:

posted on Sep, 10 2006 @ 07:32 PM
watchtherocks, feel free to give us an introduction thread, what sports your into, etc...

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