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American Football: FOOTBALL: Labor issues are looming

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posted on Mar, 21 2005 @ 05:41 PM
The biggest issue facing the NFL, the labor contract, won't be resolved in any meaningful way at the league meetings this week.

Owners, team officials and coaches assembled Sunday with little on the day's agenda other than recovering from long trips from the mainland. Although some sessions were scheduled, the major business was to begin Monday with commissioner Paul Tagliabue's "state of the league" address.

Tagliabue is likely to discuss the major movement in talks with the NFL Players Association to extend the contract that expires in 2008. The key issue is expanding the pool for the salary cap -- and thus the pool from which the players get their money -- to include additional revenue sources teams previously have kept for themselves.


I am just wishing that this doesn't turn into another NHL, the plus side to this is that they are doing it 3 years in advance.

[Edited on 3/21/2005 by Ben]

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