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American Football: Fire Cowher

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posted on Jan, 24 2005 @ 01:21 PM
Ming demands that Bill Cowher lose his job as head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Cowher's record in Playoff games at Home is something like 1-4 or 1-5. That is incredible. In order for those games to have been at home in the first place, the Steelers had to have a higher seeding then everyone of those opponents.

In every case, but one, BC has lost to a lower seeded team at home.

Ming understands that old Mr. Rooney loves the guy and will never fire him. That is a travesty and an injustice to those manical Pittsburgh fans. Those fans never gave up even when it looked well nigh impossible for the Steelboys to come back. Ming noted the same and gives them one heck of a lot of credit for their faith in their team.

Why are they being punished with this fool?

Ming almost thinks the NFL should step in and strip Rooney of hs franchise if he is too senile to handle such a storied franchise properly.

His decsion to go for the 4th and 1 yard so early in the game was stupid. Ming is not 2nd guessing. As it was happening Ming and his minions were amazed (but oh so delighted) at that amateur (paniced?) move.

This is exactly what Ming meant when he said Pittsburgh would be outcoached by NE. Hell, NE outcoaches and outprepares far better men than Cowher.

How about that field goal near the end of the game? If he makes the TD, they are down 1 score. Even if he doesn't make it, they have the Pats at the 1 yard line - always dangerous territory for an offense - especially in pressure games. And more importantly, the crowd woud have gone nuts for the Steelers to make a stop and get the ball right back again in scoring range. What the hell was this incompetent moron thnking as he managed to remove the crowd from the game with that worthless field goal?

The fact that he mentioned pulling Big Ben in favor of Maddox was a real slap in Ben's face.

Worse, his post-game fingerpointing at Ben ("You can't throw 3 INTS and expect to win a game") was a kick to Ben's gut. How can he turn on this guy so quickly - especially a guy who almost carried this nitwit coach on his back to the Promised Land?

Cowher looks like a coach - but that's where his abilities end. He is a Sgt. Slaughter look-a-like abomination.

Hey Ming is no Steeler fan, but the Steeler faithful deserve better.

Ming is now calling for the replacement of Cowher with a real coach. A coach with a football brain. Too bad Romeo Crennell and Charlie Weis of NE are already taken.

If he is not replaced, the only way the Steelers will get to the SuperBowl is to win in spite of Cowher's mistakes, misjudgments and mishandling of this very talented team.

[Edited on 1/24/05 by MingMercil]

[Edited on 1/24/05 by MingMercil]

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