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American Football: what they are saying about the seahawks

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posted on Dec, 1 2004 @ 08:34 AM
i thought i would share this article from todays seattle paper, think folks up here are fed up with the hawks?


Seahawks/NFL: Time to start facing facts on Hawks
Wednesday, December 1, 2004


KIRKLAND -- Passing the time with a little game of fact-or-fiction while wondering which Seahawks team shows up for Monday night's game against the Dallas Cowboys:

Fact, or fiction: On the day Mike Holmgren was being handed the most lop-sided loss in his 13 seasons as a head coach in the NFL, former Holmgren assistant Andy Reid was becoming the winningest coach in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Fact. The Eagles' victory over the New York Giants on Sunday was their 66th since Reid was hired in 1999 to replace Ray Rhodes, now the Seahawks defensive coordinator. With a 66-34 record, including playoffs, Reid tied Greasy Neale's victory total from 1941-50.

Reid went to Philly the same year Holmgren was hired in Seattle -- and was not the Eagles' first choice. But compare his record to Holmgren's 47-46 mark with the Seahawks and it's obvious pupil has surpassed teacher.

In fact, Holmgren has repeatedly pointed to the Eagles as the model franchise in the NFL in this era of the salary cap and unrestricted free agency.

Fact, or fiction: The Buffalo Bills team that rang up 38 points against the Seahawks had scored a total of 36 in losing its previous four road games.

Fact. In losing at Oakland, the New York Jets, Baltimore and New England, the Bills scored 10, 14, 6 and 6 points. But, the Bills have put up 37 and 38 the past two weeks while not only defeating, but deflating, the front-runners in the NFC West -- St. Louis in Week 11 and then Seattle.

Fact, or fiction: The Seahawks this week can fix all the "little" things that have been plaguing them in losing five of their past eight games.

Fiction. There aren't enough hours in the day -- even with an extra day to prepare for the Cowboys. The malaise that followed the Week 5 collapse to the Rams has seeped into every fiber of everything they're trying to do.

The passing game isn't working because the receivers can't catch the ball, and quarterback Matt Hasselbeck's bruised thigh and ribs are bothering him more than anyone will admit. The running game went back into hibernation against the Bills because opponents don't have to respect the current state of the passing game, and Shaun Alexander doesn't get the ball enough when the Seahawks fall behind 10-0 and 24-3.

The defense continues to have trouble getting off the field on third downs and coordinator Ray Rhodes is running out of ways to mask players forced into the starting lineup because of injuries.

The special teams have been anything but special. Sunday's performance against the Bills was the worst by these units since the 1997 season that got Dave Arnold fired.

Fact, or fiction: The Seahawks still can make the playoffs, despite having beaten only a trio of then one-win teams (Carolina, San Francisco and Miami) since their 3-0 start.

Fact. Someone has to win the NFC West. You can look it up: Each of the eight divisions in the NFL must have a champion. Not only that, but the eventual winner of the worst division in the NFL will host a first-round playoff game.

The Seahawks have a one-game lead over the Rams. After hosting the 49ers this week, the Rams still must visit a Carolina Panthers team that has found a way to win three in a row; and Arizona, where a better Rams team lost to a worse Cardinals teams last season. The Rams then finish the season by hosting the Eagles (10-1) and Jets (8-3).

Fact, or fiction: After their 29-point loss at home, things can't get any worse for the Seahawks.

Fiction. After hosting the Cowboys, the Seahawks have back-to-back road games in Minnesota and against the Jets. Last year, the Seahawks lost to the Vikings 34-7 at the Metrodome. The margin of defeat might not have been as wide as the effort against the Bills, but the collapse was every bit as complete.

As for the Meadowlands, the Seahawks are 0-3 playing there under Holmgren -- 0-1 vs. the Jets, 0-2 vs. the Giants. They were able to score a touchdown in only one of those games.

If the players and coaches don't find a way to snap out of it this week by showing some heart, they might want to pack extra rump pads for their road trips the next two weeks.

Fact, or fiction: The team's fans understand that in every season a little disappointment is needed to make the victories that much sweeter.

Fiction. If the e-mails that have been pouring in since the Seahawks were Buffalo-ed on Sunday are any indication, saying the fans are upset is a gross understatement.

"It's too bad Ken Behring wasn't allowed to keep those losers in California," wrote one.

"Wow, Dad, they sure don't look prepared to play," was the comment by the 10-year-old son of another fan.

"Holmgren is done and he should step down today because it's obvious that he has lost this team," offered one. Only to be countered by, "Holmgren didn't just become an idiot overnight."

Then there was this one: "Perhaps if the Seahawks had to give back fans' price of admission after such a horrible performance, the team would be more prepared to play."

Fact, or fiction: The Seahawks really deserve all that.

Fact. Holmgren, his coaches and the players have no one to blame but themselves


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