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American Football: Giants defense hit with 20K fine

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posted on Oct, 1 2004 @ 11:11 AM
After an initial week of getting maligned by local and national media, the Giants defense has turned up the heat over the last two games. But this past weekend they turned up the heat a little too much at times. has learned that the league office fined Giants defenders a total of $20,000 for roughing plays during last week's win over the Browns. Rookie safety Gabril Wilson was hit with a $7,500 fine for a helmet-to-helmet shot and fellow defensive back Terry Cousin was given the same punitive fee for a similar violation.

Linebacker Barrett Green was also docked, his a $5,000 fine, for roughing Browns quarterback Jeff Garcia on a late hit.

The Giants defense shined last week, especially in big places. In that game, the Giants terminated Cleveland's first two drives with sacks by LB Carlos Emmons and CB Will Allen. Then in the third quarter, with the Browns threatening to score for the first time all game, DE Michael Strahan sacked Garcia, then recovered a fumbled snap by Garcia at the Giants' 5-yard line six plays later to cap off a phenomenal day by Tim Lewis' unit.

Surely, the Giants will take fines and tough defensive showings if it means a win.

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