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American Football: NFL could reschedule dolphins and pitt game due to hurricane

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posted on Sep, 24 2004 @ 10:58 AM
Another hurricane headed toward Florida has prompted the NFL to begin formulating plans for possibly rescheduling Sunday's game between the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers, according to published reports.

With Hurricane Jeanne projected to hit Florida Sunday, NFL officials have informed the Pittsburgh Steelers that their game scheduled for Sunday afternoon in Miami may need to be moved to Monday or Tuesday.

At the request of the NFL, the Steelers have altered their travel plans and are due to arrive in the Miami area Friday night instead of early Saturday night.

"There's a small chance possibly that we will play the game Monday or Tuesday," Steelers coach Bill Cowher told reporters in Pittsburgh Thursday. "I think it's a very slim chance of that happening, but that's what's presented to us."

The threat of Hurricane Ivan forced the NFL to move the Dolphins' season-opening game from Sunday to Saturday (Sept. 11).

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