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American Football: Dallas's Johnson has harsh words for Gruden

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posted on Sep, 16 2004 @ 10:37 AM
keyshawn Johnson appears content now that he is reunited with Bill Parcells on the Dallas Cowboys. But Johnson made abundantly clear his sour feelings for his former coach Jon Gruden, according to Sports Illustrated.

The Bucs deactivated Johnson last season following repeated run-ins with the intense Gruden. After being traded to the Cowboys during the off-season, Johnson called Gruden "a two-faced (expletive)" in an interview with the magazine.

Johnson reportedly said Gruden spoke badly about him to other teams. And the star wide receiver feels Gruden puts his ego above the success of the team.

"I heard (Gruden) was telling people I couldn't play, but it's like I told him last year, there are only so many walls he can penetrate — and that's with the people who know him," Johnson reportedly told the magazine. "And the bottom line is that I wouldn't want to play for Mike Holmgren, Andy Reid, Mike Sherman or anybody else who calls him a friend."

Johnson said Gruden criticized veteran wide receiver Tim Brown, and the move to acquire Brown makes Gruden two-faced in the eyes of Johnson.

"Why would I want to be with a two-faced (expletive) like that?" Johnson reportedly said.

Johnson says he often told Gruden in meetings, "You're not a genius." The Cowboys receiver said the coach tried to force the West Coast offense instead of trying to mold his offense to the talent of the team, SI reported. "Gruden wanted to show everybody that this was his team," Johnson said, SI reported. "That's the difference between him and a Bill Parcells. Parcells has a big ego but he's not trying to be bigger than the Cowboys."

Johnson did, however, accept part of the blame for his difficult time with the Bucs, saying he should not have put his house on the market in September, or criticized Gruden in meetings. But Johnson also said Gruden "isn't the sugar plum in this situation either."

The Cowboys' WR was also critical of Warren Sapp and Bucs' defensive back Rhonde Barber, whom he called "an Uncle Tom."


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