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American Football: gordon helps dolphins in a big way

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posted on Sep, 8 2004 @ 09:26 AM
The Miami Dolphins finally have their starting running back.

Dolphins officials have told that they finalized a trade for Rams running back Lamar Gordon Wednesday morning, provided he passes his physical with his new team. He was flying to the Dolphins complex early this morning.
Miami sent the Rams a third-round pick and the two sides were leaning toward the selection being the Dolphins' selection in that round, not the pick acquired in the Adawale Ogunleye trade with the Bears.

The team does not plan to start him this weekend but the Rams and Dolphins offenses use similar terminology with their offense. Travis Minor will be the starting running back this weekend but Gordon will eventually become the featured back.

In essence, this trade gives the Dolphins Marty Booker and Gordon for Ogunleye.

The team will not announce a deal until after he passes the physical.


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