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Ice Hockey: Habs vs. Leafs - Who is the better team

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posted on Nov, 11 2005 @ 05:59 PM
Ive heard soo many debates between the HABS/LAUGHS. (oops did I say that). Obviously a teams success is based on history as well as the future.

Based on history:
Montreal Stanley Cups = 24
Toronto Stanley Cups = 13

I admit that history and Stanley Cup victories do not decipher which organization is going to have a better season. Based on the fact that Toronto has lost so many key players, and Montreal has kept a good solid team together for a few years, while picking up additions such as Kovalev, I think the answer is quite clear. If you look at the stats to start the season. Montreal is 12-3-1 -- Toronto is 8-6-2. You may make the argument based on the fact that Montreal is hot, and Toronto is cold, but based on history and the season so far, who could possibly put together an intelligent argument based on the Leafs being the better team?


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