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Ice Hockey: no nhl draft without a cba

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posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 09:20 PM
what is going to happen to the current crop of draft eligibles? will they sign with european teams if the nhl hasn't got it's act together by then?

Next NHL draft won't be held until new agreement is reached

November 18, 2004
TORONTO (AP) -- There won't be an NHL entry draft before a collective bargaining agreement is reached with the players' association, the director of the league's scouting department said.

The lockout has already wiped out over 240 games, plus the All-Star weekend, and it appears there won't be any NHL hockey before January -- if at all this season. The sides haven't met since Sept. 9 and no negotiations have been scheduled.

If the season goes by the boards, next June's draft -- scheduled for Ottawa -- would be the next major event to be lost. The draft can't be legally held without a collective bargaining agreement.

If the lockout continued into next season and was then settled, Central Scouting director Frank Bonello said there could be two drafts within a few months.

``If there were to be an agreement, say January '06, we would have a draft shortly after that time so that we'd have it prior to June '06 when the next draft is,'' Bonello said. ``In other words, we would be very anxious to get a draft in so we don't miss it if that is the case.''

What would have to be hammered out as part of labor negotiations is the draft order. Normally teams own picks based on the previous season's standings and playoff results. The top picks are then determined by a weighted lottery.


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