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Baseball: Should Loria be thrown out of Florida?

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posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 12:19 PM
Does anyone else agree that this man is destroying the promising franchise in Florida?

They win a world series, he dumps salaries. They win again, he dumps salaries.

Hires a young coach, they should lose 100+ games, and they remain in the pennant race until the end of the season. A strong possibility Girardi could be coach of the year, yet he is shown the door.

I understand tension between upper management and your bench bosses is not a good idea, but where does this trend end?

Watching the Florida Marlins gives me Major League flashbacks. The old flicks from the 80's with Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger & Wesley Snipes.

A team that consistently wins while facing constant adversity, with management that wants nothing more than them to lose.


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