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Baseball: Giants sign Greene

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posted on Feb, 7 2006 @ 03:24 PM
The San Francisco Giants announced on Tuesday that they have signed free agent catcher Todd Greene to a minor league contract and extended an invitation to spring training. The 34-year-old holds a career .248 batting average with 69 home runs and 200 RBI in 475 games. Last season with Colorado, he batted .254 with seven home runs and 23 RBI in 38 appearances.


posted on Feb, 7 2006 @ 05:51 PM
Seven HR's in 129 AB's--with a horrible .299 on-base percentage, because of an allergy to walks. This is EXACTLY the kind of "hitter" who will fit right in on my Giants.

What the hell is wrong with them? An over-the-hill player who NEVER understood the crucial value of walks, and who has an appalling career ratio of 287 strikeouts to 57 walks?!?! And a .281 career on-base percentage?! I know pitchers with better.

Plus, he's primarily a catcher, albeit one with lousy range, and he'll be 35 on May 8. Oh, and prior to his two years in the fantasy world of Colorado's launching pad, he had 52 career HR's.

The Giants obviously need a new GM and manager, at once. That radio dude who got fired for making the crack about "brain-dead Caribbean hitters swinging at slop every night" probably deserved it, but only because of the race-specific nature of his remark. The Giants have plenty of NON-Caribbean players of whom the same is true. And as of today, they now have one more.

By the way, for anyone who thinks any of the Alou brothers were good hitters, look up their career stats. All three were allergic to walks, acting as if walks were slurs on their manhood. The result was that despite Felipe's power and Matty's flashy batting averages, they were mediocre hitters. Now Felipe is carryng on the tradition through the players--white, brown and black--he manages in S.F.

It must kill him to watch Bonds' patience and professionalism at the plate, taking pitches that are 3 inches off the plate and waiting for something he can hit solidly. Yo, Felipe!!! The dude may be a colossal pr*ck and a cheat, but THAT is how a real hitter hits, and it's why Bonds was one of the all-time great hitters, long before he started cheating. If you and Matty had done it, you might have been very good hitters, because you sure had talent.

Disgustedly yours,



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