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Baseball: All-Star Selections

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posted on Jul, 3 2005 @ 07:58 PM
NL Starters

Out Fielders
Abreu, Bobby Phillies
Edmonds, Jim Cardinals (Most Votes for NL)
Beltran, Carlos Mets

First base
Lee, Derek Cubs

Second base
Kent, Jeff Dodgers

Short Stop
Eckstein, David Cardinals

Third base
Rolen, Scott Cardinals

Piazza, mike

NL Reserves

C Lo Duca, Paul Marlins

1B Pujols, Albert Cardinals

2B Castillo, Luis Marlins

3B Ramirez, Aramis Cubs

SS Izturiz, Cezar Dodgers

OF Alou, Moises Giants

OF Bay, Jason Pirates

OF Cabrera, Miguel Marlins

OF Gonzalez, Luis Diamondbacks

OF Jones, Andruw Braves

OF Lee, Carlos Brewers

NL Pitchers

SP Clemens, Roger Astros

SP Smoltz. John Braves

SP Peavy, Jake Padres

SP Willis, Dontrelle Marlins

SP Martinez, Pedro Mets

SP Hernandez, Livan Nationals

SP Carpenter, Chris Cardinals

RP Lidge, Brad Astros

RP Fuentes, Brian Rockies

RP Isringhausen, Jason Cardinals

RP Cordero, Chad Nats

AL Starters

Guerrero, Vlad Angels
Ramirez, Manny Red Sox
Damon, Johnny Red Sox

Ortiz, David Red Sox

Varitek, jason Red Sox

First Base
Teixera, Mark Rangers

Second Base
Roberts, Brian Orioles

Short Stop
Tejeda, Miguel Orioles

Third base
Rodriguez, Alex Yankees

AL Reserves

C Rodriguez, Ivan Tigers

1B Hillenbrand, Shea Blue Jays

1B Konerko, Paul White Sox

1B Sweeney, Mike Royals

2B Soriano, Alfonso Rangers

3B Mora, Melvin Orioles

SS Young, Michael Rangers

OF Anderson, garret Angels

OF Suzuki, Ichiro Mariners

OF Sheffield, Gary Yankees

AL Pitchers

SP Buehrle, Mark White Sox

SP Garland, John Whit Sox

SP Colon, Bartolo Angels

SP Halladay, Roy Blue Jays

SP Rogers, Kenny Rangers

SP Santana, Johan Twins

RP Baez, Danys Devil rays

RP Duchscherer, Justin Athletics

RP Nathan, Joe Twins

RP Rivera, Mariano Yankees

RP Ryan, B.J. Orioles

RP Wickman, Bob Indians


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