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Baseball: Did Nostradamus predict the Red Sox win?

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posted on Mar, 14 2005 @ 05:05 PM
He has been credited and discreted for alot of things but could it be? A genius or a madman?

The year of the great seventh number passed
An apparition at time of ritual sacrifice
Not far from the age of the millennium
When the buried go out from their tombs

"The year of the great seventh number passed," obviously refers to the seventh month of the baseball season. Nostradamus scholars, notorious for their ignorance of baseball (and steroids) are caught unaware. "An apparition at time of ritual sacrifice," refers to the Sox majestic comeback during the post-season, so often a time of 'small ball' - ritual sacrifice (bunting). "Not far from the age of the millennium" (2004), "when the buried go out from their tombs." The Sox were given up for baseball dead. For an ancient scholar to prophesize this before the game of baseball was even invented testifies to his greatness.

A second quatrain is only slightly more oblique.

The affluent will suddenly be put down
Three brothers plunge the world into trouble
Enemies will seize the maritime city
Famine, fire, flood, plague, all evils doubled.

Here Nostradamus describes the Sox victory in New York, led by the unholy trinity of Henry, Lucchino, and Werner. All evils doubled an obvious reference to the steroid plagued Giambi and Sheffield.

Finally, for those who remain in doubt, the 'coup de grace':

When those of the Arctic Pole are united
Great fear and terror in the East
The newly elected calms the unrest,
Rhodes, Byzantium, stained by Barbarian blood.

Mirabile dictu. Nostradamus names Boston (the Arctic Pole, probably not referring to former Sox hurler Dick Pole) and names the American League East as the site of the victory. He predicts that first year manager Terry Francona will be triumphant, and predicts that two great baseball capitals will fall to a group of Barbarians (the idiots, led by the Barbarian, Johnny Damon).

Ronald Paul Sen


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