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Baseball: CGGS: Complete Games per Games Started

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posted on Sep, 7 2004 @ 03:10 PM
The following is from Deans-List.Net (

The evolution of the specialized bullpen aside, the fine art of the complete game has grown increasingly elusive in the game of baseball. Nevertheless, today's aces are still measured in large part by their ability to go nine...

For whatever reason, I've never heard a starting pitcher's endurance explained in terms of (complete games)/(games started), or CGGS...

Unlike ERA and WHIP, "the higher, the better" rule applies with this statistic. Keeping with the theme of measuring endurance, to qualify for CGGS, a pitcher would need to average at least 30 starts per year (or at least one start per 5.4 team games played) over the time frame of your choice. After all, number of starts per year, in addition to percentage of complete games per start, is a telling indication of a rotation member's staying power...

Following is a breakdown of the top eight MLB CGGS leaders [from 2001 through 2003]:

8. Mark Buehrle: 10.48 (11 CGs in 105 GS)
7. Javier Vazquez: 10.70 (11 in 103)
6. Randy Johnson: 14.29 (13 in 91)
5. Livan Hernandez: 14.42 (15 in 104)
4. Curt Schilling: 14.43 (14 in 97)
3. Roy Halladay: 14.44 (13 in 90)
2. Bartolo Colon: 17.31 (18 in 104)
1. Mark Mulder: 18.28 (17 in 93)

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posted on Sep, 8 2004 @ 09:15 AM
im confused


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