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Baseball: woman hit twice by foul balls at the same game

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posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 08:23 PM
a woman at a cardinals game was hit in the neck and then later in the head by foul balls, i hope she can hit because it doesn't seem that he defense is all that good....

Cardinals Fan Gets Hit Twice By Foul Ball In One Game
Woman OK After Baseball Hits Her In Head, Neck On Sunday

POSTED: 1:25 pm EDT July 7, 2004
UPDATED: 1:34 pm EDT July 7, 2004

ST. LOUIS -- The next time Sara Denoyer attends a St. Louis Cardinals game, she might want to sit way, way out in the bleachers.

Denoyer and her boyfriend sat down the first-base line at Busch Stadium, watching a game the Cards eventually won against the Seattle Mariners 2-1 on Sunday.

Early in the game, a foul ball struck Denoyer in the neck. Then in the ninth inning, Seattle's Scott Spiezio hit a foul that also struck Denoyer -- this time in the head.

Denoyer was admitted to a hospital for one night for the blow to the head. She chalked it up to bad luck and said she still loves the Cardinals

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 10:16 PM
Well I've sat in parts of ballparks where a lot of foul balls go and it doesn't seem too far fetched...I went to a Dodgers game last week and was 4-5 seats away from 3 foul balls.

You just have to be ready for them I guess. The first time a foul ball came my way I didn't know what the hell I was gonna do, and luckily it didnt hit me in the face but someone leaned over a rail and caught it above me. But next time I'm gonna be ready with my hat or both hands


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