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It's Time.

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posted on Nov, 12 2002 @ 10:41 AM
It is time to get stocked up.

I ordered a dozen

I highly recommend you get stocked up before it's not to late because once the first nuke will go off, you will not be able to buy KI at any price.

It's your lives.
You have been warned.

[Edited on 12-11-2002 by Tyler]

posted on Nov, 12 2002 @ 12:24 PM
Iodine is trick to fool you. If you think that a little pill will save your live, specialy if a nuke is used, you're dreaming....

My government gave Iodine pills to all the peoples who have to live near or close from a nuclear plant. Do I have to say that almost everybody is laughing with this iniative ?

Buy a good NBC suit, and don't forget the anti-gaz mask ( not a gaz mask, ok ?
) and DON'T FORGET the special gloves and shoes !!!

posted on Nov, 12 2002 @ 01:01 PM
U.P. you need to research it more. KI doesnt save you from nuclear explosion it simply protects your thyroid silly.

posted on Nov, 12 2002 @ 01:09 PM
thanks Tyler, I knew it.

I try to mean that I think it's better to have a NBC suit. But it's you who spoke about a nuke, not me.In this case ( a nuke ), you can swallow 10000 pills if you want, it will change nothing. Iodine pills are just a +.

posted on Nov, 12 2002 @ 02:18 PM
I would be ready for this by january at the latest of next year if I were some of you also I would by at least one fire arm of some sort and be ready for war on U.S. as well as over seas soil by January. From what I am being told now. The War will start between January and April of 2003.


posted on Nov, 12 2002 @ 02:25 PM
Any more info on this? Sounds intriguing as alot of conspiracy theory centers on major global change in early 2003!

posted on Nov, 12 2002 @ 11:51 PM
Yeah, I remember the last major change that took place on 01/01/00 at 00:01AM...nothing changed. Doubt anything will happen then. Doesn't KI come in NaCl(Sodium Chloride)? It's all going to start on 08MAR03! The aliens will come and make us all slaves! Beware the Boogey-man!

posted on Nov, 13 2002 @ 08:13 AM

Originally posted by falcon
The War will start between January and April of 2003.


Thanks, if you get any more info please post later.

posted on Nov, 13 2002 @ 03:56 PM
I have a guy that has a rather unique product and I figured that sense this is the topic it is a good time to bring it up. He has a pill that will cancel out any kind of Nuclear Fallout. He is asking 8 dollers a pill but more than that he wants someone in Miltary R@D to be able to do a feild test to prove that it works. He wants about 20 million orders. I have contacted a few other people but if anyone is interested you may send me a u2u. And I will contact the man.


posted on Nov, 14 2002 @ 06:38 AM
That pill is bull#.

What is it going to do? Create a temporary force shield around your body and save you from gamma and beta rays?

posted on Nov, 14 2002 @ 07:55 AM

posted on Nov, 14 2002 @ 08:11 AM
LONDON (Reuters) -- Scientists have created what is claimed to be the world's first radiation-proof fabric which provides as much protection as a lead vest but at a fraction of the weight.

Urrrrrrrrhhh YEAH, i like that.

Sceptics, come on shoo shoo, debug and analys the above invention and report back at once.

posted on Nov, 14 2002 @ 08:27 AM
Well you know you can block certain kinds of radiation with simple plexiglass. The researchers here have radiation stations where they conduct radiation studies on cancer cells and the like. I was thinking that maybe it may be a matter of finding the right material not necessarily lead. Does it have to do with the frequency of the radiation emmitted? And there are several types of radiation waves(alpha, beta, gamma). What do you people say?

posted on Nov, 14 2002 @ 09:07 AM
Interesting suit, and hopefully decent for short encounters. It's no substitute for a safe room/house/bomb shelter, however.

Remember, you've got to eat and you've got to (to put it delicately) eliminate waste. And there comes a point at which you NEED to get the clothing off -- health issues as well as personal odor issues.

So while it's a nice idea for walking through a contaminated area, you can't live in it.


posted on Nov, 14 2002 @ 09:15 AM
well, in stead of pills, how bout we all just dig a huge tunnel under the earths core, make sure no radiation can get through, and dont come out until all the radiations gone?- hmm bout 100years+ but id do it to live.
Or, we all wait for the aliens to come, and nick their spaceships

just an idea

posted on Nov, 14 2002 @ 04:01 PM
In Responce to your question tyler no. What the scientist's did was took part of the D.N.A. Coad out of the CockRoach. The CockRoach is the only thing that has been known to surive Nuclear Fallout. The Spacific Gene Sequence was Identifed that makes the CockRoach Survive and Was then Put into a absorable molcule and put into a pill to be able to swallow.

And In Regards to your earlier question on info on what is comming next year.

Jim Tucker Is someone that has been following the Bilderburg Group for the last 20 years. He got passed the guards and found out that the elite were planing a war in Iraq by 2003. By April to be exact so this comming war will be between January and April of next year. When I first heard about it. I thought that I had heard that it was going to be last april. I at the time was listing on a shortwave so it was a little broken up. Also. When this happens we that live in the United States face 3 things that I know are going to happen. 1. We will get invaded by Russian Troups Chinese for the most part but there will be others. 2. We will have at least one bio attack somewhere on the east coast. 3. There will be a economic colapse.

There is also some infomation that sugest that there will be a massive hack attack on the U.S. right before the attack comes on the econimic front. Watch this comming meeting with the Bob and his group that should be comming up today. If you dont know what his website is. It is this

He has been planning on a march on D.C. for over a year. And the last time that he was going to get this thing rolling full scale. 9-11 happend.

posted on Nov, 14 2002 @ 04:23 PM
The pill would have to alter all of your cells and recreate them into cells that will not die from radiation.
Radiation poisoning occurs when the body absorbs high levels of radiation, killing high amounts of cells. So many cells are dead and decaying in the body that the system cannot cleanse itself fast enough, and you die a basic septic death.

The iodine tablets, taken at the time of an attack, or shortly afterward, helps protect the thyroid gland from cancer. It isn't a nuclear cure-all.
Am I correct in this, Tyler?

posted on Nov, 14 2002 @ 04:25 PM
Troy, maybe this site will help you.

posted on Nov, 14 2002 @ 04:34 PM
You're correct, Thomas. It just protects your thyroid.

Falcon: Cockroaches die when you irradiate them. Someone's pulling your leg with that stuff... it's pretty silly, truth to tell.

They're also pulling your leg about a 'massive hack attack against the US' (either that, or the info was put together by someone who doesn't understand networking, routers, and Internet issues.) Even the big hack against the Internet itself (last month) didn't work... it didn't take down all the servers and the techs got it taken care of within hours of finding themselves under attack.

And military info doesn't rely on the Internet. They can coordinate attacks and responses just fine if/when the Internet is down. The only people an Internet attack will inconvenience are the citizens -- not the government or military.

posted on Nov, 14 2002 @ 05:49 PM
I was just trying to remember the effects of the types of radiation were from my safety lectures by the ORCBS(Office of Radiation Chemical and Biological Safety) from MI State. Anyway, Gamma waves and Beta waves behave differently due to their sources if I remember right. Anyway the chemical filters are generally good for 8 hours. The kind of respirators needed for confined spaces and low air atmospheres such as a Halon release to help extinguish fires, are masks hooked to O2 tanks. Firefighters use these commonly for obvious reasons. These are probably more expensive. I have used gas masks in the Navy and I use a respirator in my job from time to time. Mine is good only against certain chemicals( I use Hydrochloric Acid as a descaling agent). Hope you got the right one Tyler. One quick question, where is this threat comming from? (What state?)
PS: OOps, firefighters use air tanks which are generally yellow in color. O2 tanks are green in color. (OSHA requires gas tanks to be color coded)
PSS: Sorry I thought this was the Gas Mask discussion. My bust.

[Edited on 14-11-2002 by troylawson]

[Edited on 14-11-2002 by troylawson]

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